72: Your singular work is to allow alignment

Brandon and Dalien play a clip from Abraham-Hicks and delve deeper into attracting our desires and the Art of Allowing. Brandon shares a pondering on attention as currency and Dalien shares the story of Chelsea Benton, reported to have been saved from certain death by...

71: Letting go of judgement

Brandon and Dalien discuss letting go of the need to judge others who are at a different place in their personal process of awakening, as well as the need for recognition. Dalien also shares a mysterious NASA UFO story. Dig this podcast?

70: The Art of Heart Alchemy

Brandon and Dalien discuss how everyone’s most rewarding life path involves serving others. Sue Krebs also joins the show to talk about not taking things personally and how to transmute negative energy. Dig this podcast?

67: Meditation and Decision Making

Brandon and Dalien discuss the so-called “happiest man in the world” and how meditation dramatically changed his brain physiology. They also share some simple meditation techniques by Deepak Chopra and answer a question about decision making from a...