76: Angelic encounters and dark energy

Sue Krebs joins the show to share a few personal encounters that she had with what she believes to have been angelic entities. Brandon also shares a similar personal story, as well as Abraham-Hicks’ perspective on dark entities. Dig this podcast?

75: Spirituality and religion, love and prayer

Brandon and Dalien’s discussion, as well as Anna’s blog of the day, address a question from a listener, quotes and thoughts on spiritual faith and religious belief, love and prayer, particularly pertaining to the historical figure and teachings of Christ,...

74: The magic of giving

Brandon and Dalien get in the spirit of the holidays by sharing several stories and quotes on gift-giving, and ponder on its power to create and spread happiness. Dig this podcast?

72: Your singular work is to allow alignment

Brandon and Dalien play a clip from Abraham-Hicks and delve deeper into attracting our desires and the Art of Allowing. Brandon shares a pondering on attention as currency and Dalien shares the story of Chelsea Benton, reported to have been saved from certain death by...