48: How to dissolve the pain body

Brandon and Dalien discuss the root of suffering, share an excerpt from Eckhart Tolle on how to dissolve the pain body and cover news about the mysterious dragon particle. Dig this podcast?

46: Go Lightly My Darling

Brandon and Dalien discuss Aldous Huxley’s perspective on lightening up, the concept that a question exists so an answer can be heard, and a five year old in Los Angeles that exhibits telepathic abilities. Dig this podcast?

45: Heart Intelligence and Why the Nose?

Brandon has a special guest co-host appearance from Tex Allen, creator of whythenose.com. Hear Tex’s inspiring story of how he has helped bring a smile to millions of people over the last five years with the help of a funny red nose. Also, hear about heart...

43: I am that I am

Brandon and Dalien discuss the power of “I AM”, share an excerpt from Abraham-Hicks, and Anna joins the show to discuss maintaining personal power in the positive pondering break down of the day. Dig this podcast?