144: You’re the Creator

Brandon and Dalien are joined by Sue Krebs to discuss creating, creativity and our innate “creatorship”. Dalien also shares an encouraging story how Starbucks is now helping to feed the hungry and homeless.

143: Lucidity Workshop Twelve: The Science of God

Zach Leary is the son of famed psychologist Timothy Leary and is also known as bhakta yogi Ramana. In this talk he tells anecdotes and personal stories of transcendence and meaning, and shares his insights on how to walk the path of the heart in today’s...

142: Circulate, don’t stagnate

Brandon and Dalien discuss a powerful and insightful talk given by Matt Kahn regarding the three states of energy and how it is always circulating, stagnating or being integrated. Dalien also shares a story about giant humanoid skeletons that were recently...

140: Control is resistance

Brandon and Dalien discuss embracing all of our emotions, especially the difficult ones, and why it is important to remove judgement about the “negative” ones. Dalien also shares a story about the “greenest school on earth”.

139 : Evil is just Live spelled backwards

Brandon and Dalien discuss the concept of evil and how bringing awareness to it can help transmute it. Dalien also shares a story of mutant type powers that some people have that allows them to see many more colors than the average person.