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Although both Brandon and Dr. Erica Middlemiss are currently taking a break from recording solo daily episodes, you can still dive into our massive archive of over 1,500 past solo episodes featuring timeless and eternally relevant content.

We know it is a daily conscious effort to maintain a positive headspace, and we’re here to help keep you on the path to becoming your greatest and grandest self!

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267: Butterflies, synchronicities and parallel realities

Brandon shares a personal story with butterflies and synchronicity, an incredible account of possible reincarnation and interpersonal healing from a listener, and a clip from Bashar on the alternate realities that we may be part of while we are simultaneously alive as human beings.

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266: Interview with Barbell Shrugged podcast host Mike Bledsoe

Mike Bledsoe is an entrepreneur, psychonaut, fitness expert and host of the hugely popular podcast Barbell Shrugged. In this episode Mike discusses his personal path to achieve expanded self-awareness, his thoughts on veganism, his unique method to root negative emotions out of the body and a magical private dance party story.

265: One way to freedom is engaging in selfless service

Brandon answers a listener’s questions and addresses some concerns about starting out on the spiritual journey, recommends some of his favorite books, talks about the channeled entity “Abraham-Hicks” and offers some great advice on how to liberate ourselves through service to others.

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