63: The pendulum swings, be at peace

Brandon shares a very personal story about recent changes in his fortune, discusses divine design and how all roads ultimately lead you where you’re meant to go if you’re patient. Dig this podcast?

62: The Path is a Spiral

Brandon and Dalien play a moving voicemail from a listener and then discuss how her trials and tribulations relate to us all. They also share an excerpt from the book Oneness, as well as a story about recent scientific discoveries that point to the existence of...

61: Perspective on depression

Brandon switches up the format by speaking directly with a young listener about her battle with depression and discusses how a clear perspective on reality can help overcome it. Dig this podcast?

60: The divine feminine, masculine and more on Taoism

Brandon and Dalien read a review from a listener that leads to a conversation on the divine feminine and masculine. They also further the conversation from a previous podcast on Taoism and share an excerpt from Alan Watts where he discusses this ancient philosophy....