The Positive Head Bracelet—$19.95


Consciously create more positive energy in your life by wearing the Positive Head Bracelet as a reminder to focus on the positive aspects of your daily life. This unigender, slide-on bracelet is hypoallergenic, made out of recycled tires and features the Positive Head symbol cast into a recycled metal bead. Its classic design makes it perfect to wear alone, or to layer with other jewelry.

Spread The Positivity!

Our goal with the Positive Head bracelet is to reach one million people and we need your help to do it! That's why we will mail you a special coupon with your order that you can give to a friend that allows them to “Name Your Price” for a bracelet. Yes, they will owe their amazing deal all to you and they will be forever in your debt!

*If you want to order more than one bracelet, just select the total quantity for each particular size and click “Add to Cart”. Then on the next screen click “Continue Shopping” to come back to this page and add any additional sizes.

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