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  • Receive a FREE months access to “The Portal” created by the incredible intuitive guide, Lee Harris (normally $24/month)
  • Receive a FREE months access to “ The World Tapping Circle” created by the Fairy Godmother of Emotional Freedom Technique, Sonya Sofia (normally $27/month)
  • Be entered into a drawing to win a FREE week Mystic Manor Retreat Immersion (normally $2,950 – winner will be chosen in April, 2020)


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Optimystic is a new late-night style consciousness-elevating talk show hosted by Brandon Beachum that showcases mind-expansive conversations with the world’s brightest luminaries, live painting from stellar visionary artists, musical medicine from high-vibe musicians, and a glimpse into transformational experiences with the fans of the show. Tune in to the Optimystic odyssey beginning in the spring of 2020 to catch the swelling wave of authentic influencers and consciousness change-makers who are beginning to create positive waves of change across the planet.

Optimystic is the new late-night-style, consciousness-elevating talk show that features none other than YOU! The video above explains multiple exciting ways that you can co-create the next magical step in the evolution of the Positive Head Podcast. If the podcast has helped you on your own journey back to re-membering and integrating the miraculous truth of who and what you truly are, now is your window of opportunity to write yourself into the next exciting chapter of our epic saga that is unfolding as a key supporting role in the adventure, while also paying it forward to help expand the vibe of our precious (p)HeAd tribe!

Check out what the Mystic Manor Retreat guests have experienced so far as well as the ONEderFULL ways you can support and co-create this exciting new Optimystic odyssey for allLOVEus:

Mystic Manor Retreat Experience (Solo)

Come and stay at the magical Mystic Manor with Brandon and the rest of the Optimystic family between July 2019 and July 2020 for a fully immersive 7-day (6-nights) one-of-a-kind retreat experience.


  • Your own private room at the beautiful Mystic Manor where you will live it up with Brandon and the Optimystic Family for the week
  • Brunch, snacks, and drinks provided, as well as healthy Optimystic family dinners (excluding out of house day)
  • A full day connecting/coaching/consulting with Brandon
  • Expanding your growth edge by spending two days with different transformational coaches/healers curated by Brandon
  • The opportunity to ride the wave of synchronicity by exploring divinely timed magical offerings that the YOUniverse aligns during your visit (e.g. energy healing, past life regression, sound bath, intuitive readings, massage, reiki, guided meditations, breathwork, crafting, QHHT, plant medicine, yoga, tai chi)
  • Being the (p)HeAd representative on the live taping of an episode of Optimystic (optional)
  • CELEBRATING LIFE at the Optimystic taping afterparty
  • Being listed as a (p)HeAd Special Guest and Producer on the Optimystic show credits
  • Being a guest on the Positive Head Podcast! Record with Brandon towards the end of your trip so you can share details of your experience with your fellow p(H)eAds!
  • Exploring Venice Beach, Los Angeles, and Southern California

Mystic Manor Retreat Experience (Plus One)

Several of the guest rooms at the Mystic Manor have two beds, so if you are OK with sharing a room for the week and want to bring along your bestie, spouse or partner, this is a great cost-saving option! The second person will receive all the same magical perks as any other Retreat guest during their Mystic Manor Experience, with the exception that they won’t be able to participate during the live taping of Optimystic due to limited seating on stage.

Bank NoteWant easy payments? Contact the Optimystic elves to setup payment arrangements for the Retreat or Live Experience.

You can also book a consultation call to discuss the possibilities of experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime-one-of-a-kind transformational journey at the Mystic Manor

Patreon Mark

Patreon Offerings

If you can’t make it to the Mystic Manor but would like to get behind-the-scenes access, here are some stellar options for you:

*As a new patron you will be charged the day you signup, then on the 1st of each month going forward.

Soul Surfer—$2.22 or more per month

Any currency that flows in to help us evolve and expand is deeply appreciated!

  • Receive 222 good karma points

Truth Seeker—$5.55 or more per month

Due to the multiple segments and one hour run-time on the Optimystic, Brandon will not get to go as deep as he typically does on the podcast with his interview guests. However, he will record a much longer “overtime” segment with his next-level guests during the actual taping of the show, and this Tier gives you access to that extra deep-dive exclusive content.
  • 1½ – 2½ additional hours of deep-dive content per month on average
  • Receive 555 great karma points
*Begins in July 2019, August first full month

Mystic—$7.77 or more per month

During the weeks we are hosting retreats and filming Optimystic, we will also be filming and sharing behind the scenes Mystic Manor footage on Patreon Lens (i.e. a private snapchat), as well as live streaming events on CrowdCast (e.g. after parties, musical performances, group gatherings). Come to just watch, or virtually join the party by interacting with other Mystic viewers and soul fam that are at the Mystic Manor!
  • Includes the previous Tier
  • Access to all monthly Mystic Manor live streams
  • Six hours of Mystic content minimum per month
  • Receive 777 grand karma points
*Begins in July 2019, August first full month **Recordings available if live broadcast missed

Sacred Student—$11.11 or more per month

During the weeks we are hosting retreats, we will be live streaming some of the coaching/healing/consulting sessions. This is a ONEderFULL way to receive next level healing/coaching vicariously through the other Mystic Manor Retreat guests.
  • Includes all the previous Tiers
  • Access to all monthly Sacred Student content
  • Three hours of Sacred Student content minimum per month
  • Receive 1,111 super-duper karma points
*Begins in July 2019, August first full month
**Will only include sessions approved by retreat guests
***Recordings available if live broadcast missed

Optimystic—$22.22 or more per month

Connect with Brandon on a live CrowdCast “Optimization” event each month where you will be able to bring forward issues/topics/questions to discuss with Brandon and the rest of the group. You will also be invited to a private Discord chat channel to keep the conversation going throughout the month with Brandon and the other Optimystics. Team work makes the dream work!
  • Includes all the previous Tiers
  • Access to live “Optimization” monthly event
  • Access to the private Discord chat channel
  • Two hour monthly live event
  • Receive 2,222 super-duper-fantabulous karma points
*Next live event is Sunday, August 18, 2019 @ 2pm PST
**Recordings available if live broadcast missed
Discord LogoIncludes Discord Rewards

Optimystic (p)HeAd Producer—$44.44 or more per month

For those of you p(H)eAds whose perspectives and hearts have been expanded by the Positive Head Podcast and you wish to pay it forward and help fuel Optimystic to reach other you’s, your name will be etched in eternity under the “(p)HeAd Producer Credits” on the outro of one episode for each month you are a stellar supporter of this Tier.
  • Includes all the previous Tiers
  • Includes one (p)HeAd Producer Credit an episode per month
  • Receive 1111111111111111111111 golden karma points. That’s eleven 11’s right there folks! Basically this means you will now get to be an invincible King or Queen in your next life or your karma back guaranteed!
Discord LogoIncludes Discord Rewards

Listen to the Optimystic Launch Episode:

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