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You can now tune in to The Positive Head Podcast Monday-Friday each week! Every Wednesday, host Brandon Beachum interviews a different consciousness change-maker that is helping to pave the way for humanity as we collectively transition into a state of expanded consciousness and awareness. He talks with authors, directors, artists, bloggers, scientists, entrepreneurs and anyone else who is out there making a positive impact on the world. As a feature, he also gets them to share any fascinating stories of synchronicity or positive paranormal happenings that they have experienced!

On the other weekdays, you can hear him discussing topics such as his favorite thought provoking quotes, reading and discussing wisdom from empowering books, playing clips from various inspirational spiritual teachers, sharing a bit of mysterious news, taking questions from the audience, and essentially digging into any other mind-expansive topics that will help keep your soul fed by tuning you into positive vibrations on a consistent basis.

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954: (p)HeAd Posse Episode Seventy: Kasia Boczniewicz

Kasia Boczniewicz grew up in Poland and she is now an intuitive artist in the US, looking to grow her own spiritual inner light to in turn positively affect the wolrd around her, through her being and her artistic creations.

Follow Kasia’s work at:

953: It’s time for a new level of trust

Brandon talks about redefining our idea of trust in order to move into a highly synchronistic, exhilarating, spontaneous way of life, where the illusion of security is not our primary motivator, but having the most creative and fulfilling experiences is. He also shares an Abraham-Hicks clip entitled, “Complete Trust in Life”.

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952: Soul-Share with Ascension Guide Sandra Walter

As Sandra Walter explains right near the top of this, her second soul-share on the podcast, she represents a large but still not widely known community of light-workers and ascension guides working to elevate the planet’s consciousness and help channel healing energies for the benefit of all, a process that definitely appears to be intensifying and accelerating at present. Since she was first featured more than a year ago (#559), she also gives an update on the progress of this unique and exciting period in history.

951: A gem cannot be polished without friction

Erica decides to tackle the topic of adversity again, even though she initially felt that perhaps she was being a bit repetitious. On suggestion from her guides, she talks about aspects of dealing with hardship that can potentially aid listeners who are struggling with various issues now, and she shares a Wayne Dyer clip that is sure to prove helpful.

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950: Overcoming overwhelm

Brandon comments on some of the feelings of “overwhelment” that he has been experiencing lately that are typically uncommon for him, and reflects on how those feelings relate to expanding into a new chapter of life, expectations projected at times onto the people around him, as well as other aspects that he uses to learn from these experiences and ultimately level up.

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949: (p)HeAd Posse Episode Sixty-Nine: Lynne DeSilva-Johnson

Lynne DeSilva-Johnson aka Elæ is a change agent working at the intersection of multimodal creative practice, social entrepreneurship and energy work.

To connect with Lynne and follow their work:


948: I am whatever you say I am

Brandon expands on his previous episode about attachment to expectations and stresses why it is so important to envision those in our lives in the highest possible light if that is indeed the version of them that we wish to experience.

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947: Soul-share with DMT “Spirit Molecule” Researcher Andrew Gallimore

Andrew Gallimore has participated in studies seeking to understand the nature of consciousness, reality, and how very potent and ubiquitous psychedelics like DMT mediate these experiences and also serve as gateways to amazing new dimensions. He also talks about other related substances like psilocybin, as well as other aspects of consciousness like the dream state.

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946: Expectation isn’t the enemy

Inspired by a post in the Positive Heads Facebook group, Brandon discusses the idea that expectations often get a bad rap, but it is actually our attachment to them that leads to suffering. He also shares a short clip from Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Shefali discussing expectations and how they affect our children.

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945: Find alignment first, then do anything else

Erica talks about these current intense, emotionally charged times that many people are experiencing, and circles back around to a core guiding principle: working on ourselves and our thoughts and emotions so the world at large does not negatively impact us, and in turn we can positively alter it.

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