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You can now tune in to The Positive Head Podcast Monday-Friday each week! Every Wednesday, host Brandon Beachum interviews a different consciousness change-maker that is helping to pave the way for humanity as we collectively transition into a state of expanded consciousness and awareness. He talks with authors, directors, artists, bloggers, scientists, entrepreneurs and anyone else who is out there making a positive impact on the world. As a feature, he also gets them to share any fascinating stories of synchronicity or positive paranormal happenings that they have experienced!

On the other weekdays, you can hear him discussing topics such as his favorite thought provoking quotes, reading and discussing wisdom from empowering books, playing clips from various inspirational spiritual teachers, sharing a bit of mysterious news, taking questions from the audience, and essentially digging into any other mind-expansive topics that will help keep your soul fed by tuning you into positive vibrations on a consistent basis.

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1041: (p)Head Posse Episode Eighty: Michelle Kardokus Harrison

Michelle is an entrepreneur, CrossFit athlete and coach and host of “The Noble Cause Podcast” who draws on her personal experience with overcoming adversity to help inspire others to do the same.






1040: Arcturian Channeling with Tracie Mahan

Erica welcomes Tracie back to the show for a channeling of Daniel, a being who is part of the Arcturian counsel, with an important message for the collective.


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1039: Soul-Share with comedian and podcast host, Shane Mauss

Shane Mauss is a psychonautic-science-loving comedian that has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O’Brien, and Comedy Central. In this episode, he discusses his passion for psychedelics and science, as well as his not so flowery deep-dive exploration of them in his documentary, ‘Psychonautics, A Comic’s Exploration of Psychedelics’. He also shares his ying to Brandon’s yang perspective on synchronicity and why they terrify him a bit.

1038: Entity Attachments

Where attention goes energy flows. Erica shares her perspectives on entity attachments and how to handle negative energies. She also shares an Abraham Hicks clip on the topic.


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1037: Sacred Contracts Part 3

 Erica continues with reading material from Caroline Myss’ book, Sacred Contracts.  She explores the nature that is our shadow self. 



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1036: Mystic Manor Synchronicities and Magic with this Week’s Guests

Brandon talks with Kristen, Amy, and Kabir about the magic of the Mystic Manor and the synchronicities surrounding their decision to come to the Manor.

1035: Letting Go of Fear and Releasing Karma

Inspired by the fall equinox theme of letting go, Erica talks about the two most important things we need to let go of in order to increase our vibration and live in harmony with our inner being.



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1034: Soul-Share with NY Times Best-Selling Author, Dr. Christiane Northrup

Dr. Christiane Northrup is a NY Times bestselling author who was recognized by Oprah’s OWN Network as a Super Soul 100 Soul Igniter for her visionary and pioneering work in women’s health. In this episode, she dives deep discussing her latest book, Dodging Energy Vampires, and shares insight regarding how to identify these characters that find their way into our lives, and how we can move on after we have learned our lesson from the challenging experiences they represent.

1033: Magical Mt Shasta

Erica recaps her recent experience in Mt Shasta complete with stories of Lemuria and Telos, the civilization under the mountain. She also shares some insight she gained during her week there.


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1032: Brandon Chats with His New Best Friend, Athena

Brandon chats with a newfound friend and recent guest at the Mystic Manor, Athena, about the potential future of the Mystic Manor, synchronicities involving friendship, and a discussion about knowing that whatever you are looking for is also looking for you. 


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