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You can now tune in to The Positive Head Podcast Monday-Friday each week! Every Wednesday, host Brandon Beachum interviews a different consciousness change-maker that is helping to pave the way for humanity as we collectively transition into a state of expanded consciousness and awareness. He talks with authors, directors, artists, bloggers, scientists, entrepreneurs and anyone else who is out there making a positive impact on the world. As a feature, he also gets them to share any fascinating stories of synchronicity or positive paranormal happenings that they have experienced!

On the other weekdays, you can hear him discussing topics such as his favorite thought provoking quotes, reading and discussing wisdom from empowering books, playing clips from various inspirational spiritual teachers, sharing a bit of mysterious news, taking questions from the audience, and essentially digging into any other mind-expansive topics that will help keep your soul fed by tuning you into positive vibrations on a consistent basis.

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Archive for All Podcasts

1051: Mystic Manor Magic with this Week’s Guests

This week’s Mystic Manor guests share personal stories from their stay at the Manor.  Plus, they openly share stories about their journeys of self-realization and about being masters of time and space.


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1050: DreamTime

The Dreamer dreams the dream. Erica talks about dreams and how they can be one of our greatest guides along our path to ascension. She also shares a Robert Moss clip on the dream realm.



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1049: Soul Share with Intuitive Business Strategist, Diana Jia

Diana Jia is a former Googler that has spent the past two years in Bali studying alternative forms of energy healing with His Royal Highness, Tjok Gde.  She now serves as an intuitive business strategist who helps conscious entrepreneurs create a life doing the work they love. Diana and Brandon talk about the relationship between business and spirituality and the potential of the workplace being able to truly reflect the growth of spiritual consciousness. Diana also shares an insightful meditation for the P-Head listeners.

1048: Piercing the Veil of Illusion

Erica discusses the concept of the veil that separates us from seeing beyond our own concept of reality. She quotes passages from the Law of One and from Dolores Cannon and also shares a related Bashar clip.


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1047: Open Your Heart to the Magic Around You

On this magical Monday, Brandon talks about some magical moments from last week at the Mystic Manor as well as discussing magical moments of everyday life. 


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1046: Mystic Manor Magic with this Week’s Guests

Brandon has some hardy bro laughs and magical fun with this week’s Mystic Manor guests. 

1045: Plant Medicines and Tools of Awakening

Inspired and co-created by PHead listeners, Erica talks about using different tools to reach higher states of consciousness, including the medicines we ingest and the innate capabilities of our own minds.


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1044: Soul-Share with intuitive oracle reader, Aarona Lea

Aarona Lea is a teacher, speaker, author, and intuitive oracle reader who created the popular Moon deck. In this episode, she discusses her journey through creating the Moon deck by working with her trauma, discovering self-love in the face of self-loathing, and using tools such as prayer, dancing, and yoga to connect back with herself.  Aarona and Brandon also talk about the power of imagination, the importance of being grounded in order to rise, and she pulls cards from the Moon deck for the Positive Head Listeners.

1043: Infinite Patience

Erica talks about her own experience with patience/impatience and how it’s really all about living in the moment. She also shares a Wayne Dyer clip on the magic of patience.


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1042: We are Multidimensional Beings

Recording today’s episode on the road, Erica discusses the concept of our multidimensionality, how we are immensely powerful beings existing in multiple timelines but all happening now. She also plays a channeled message to the citizens of the earth.



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