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740: Tapping Into Your High-Vibe Tribe with Sonya Sophia

Brandon welcomes Sonya back on the show, she conducts a tap on-air to help listeners link up with their “high-vibe tribe”, and they discuss a few other things including the “biology of belief”, Burning Man 2018 and Sonya’s World Tapping Circle.

739: P-Head Posse Episode Twenty-Six—Tori Carlson

Tori Carlson works with discarded and scrap material which she lovingly infuses with new life in her artistic creations, and this episode she shares with the audience details of her own lifelong spiritual journey, including the role the podcast and its community of like-minded listeners fulfills in her experience.

738: “Oneness”, Chapter 17—diet for the emerging reality

Chapter 17 of Oneness is all about the “diet for a new reality” that, as listeners of this Positive Head mini-series may suspect, includes concepts such as cellular purification, accelerated energetic vibrations and the importance of energy work as ingredients to help achieve optimal health at all levels of our multidimensional being.

737: Pal-Wow with Soul Scientist Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden has been a very esteemed figure at the crossroads of science and spirituality for a long time, and in this interview he references his latest book Human By Design and how humanity is an evolutionary anomaly, as well as offer supremely interesting bits of knowledge and wisdom pertaining to cultural stories, evolving scientific paradigms and the ultimate nature of reality.

736: Summer round of psychic readings with Colby Rebel

735: Birthdays and rebirths, rewriting stories and “permission slips”

Brandon talks about his birthday this week and some interesting synchronicities surrounding it, lunar eclipses taking place around this date and Sandra Walter’s reading of these celestial milestones, shares Astarius’ rousing “Spirit Rap” and talks about the related ideas of rewriting our personal stories and utilizing subjective “permission slips”.

734: P-Head Posse Episode Twenty-Five—Alexa and Amby

Alexa and Ambrosia “Amby” Matthews talk about their new Innerbloom podcast that aims to feature Amby’s psychic and channeling gifts together with Alexa’s passion for all things spiritual and metaphysical as well as other shared interests common to P-Heads. Amby also brings through an Arcturian being that she communicates with and offers confirmation of Brandon’s own Arcturian heritage.

733: Further Arcturian connections and reflections on anger

Brandon continues the telling of his “Arcturian” story which alludes to an extraterrestrial civilization and his own potential connections to it. He also talks about anger and how to try to learn from it and safely defuse it.

732: Pal-Wow with artist and intuitive healer Steph Valerie

Artist, writer, intuitive and healer Steph Valerie attracted Brandon’s attention with her Instagram content, specifically a bit about “conscious uncoupling”. In this episode he picks her brains about this and all manner of other fascinating subjects like the personal ordeal that served as her initiation, her merkaba and astral-projection experiences and her own tips for honing psychic and visionary abilities.

731: “Oneness”, Chapter 25—The Miracle Children of Tomorrow

Brandon reads Chapter 25 of Oneness which is all about the newer generations incarnating and maturing on our planet now, helping to usher in a new way of life while also being challenged and challenging the adults around them due to the nature of this global shift.