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662: Pal-Wow with cosmologist and author Jude Currivan

Dr. Jude Currivan is a cosmologist, planetary healer, futurist, author and previously one of the most senior business women in her native Great Britain. From an early age and all throughout her life she has probed and searched for answers on the nature of reality, and in this episode she shares her brilliant insights into science and spirituality, talking about some of her books in the process.

661: Lessons from Lucidity Festival 2018

Brandon shares some of the most valuable insights he received during his time and interactions at Lucidity 2018 in Santa Barbara, which included his friend and regular podcast guest Christopher David Jackson and a beautiful writing shared by the latter on social media after the event.

660: More wisdom from Ken Carey’s “Bird Tribes” with Erica Middlemiss

Erica continues to read from Return of the Bird Tribes by Ken Carey, a beautiful book of channeled spiritual material with some unique insights and perspectives especially concerning pre-Columbian life in the Americas. Today she continues from her last session and reads Chapters 3 and 4 of this aforementioned, highly recommended book originally published thirty years ago.

659: “P-Head Posse” Episode Ten with Alexa and Ramin (Part 2)

In this second part of the conversation between Alexa and Ramin Nazer, a Southern-California based artist and independent publisher, Ramin goes into a bit more detail about his background and how he found his way to the podcast.

658: “Oneness”, Chapter Six—reintegration and transcendence through ascension

Brandon reads Chapter Six of Oneness, which he refers to as a sort of “handbook for ascension”, and this particular chapter gets into some detailed specifics of the ascension process, such as the reintegration of our fragmented selves that takes place, the karmic ties and dynamics that are always playing out, and how a component of the process must be achieving a measure of detachment from external circumstances.

657: Pal-Wow with superhero engineer and freedom culture proponent Marc Angelo Coppola

Marc is a passionate “Philanthropreneur” and founding member of both the Superhero Academy and Valhalla Movement. In this episode, Marc shares his inspiring personal story and perspectives that led him to pursue a unique path of coalescing superheroes, building sustainable community and proselytizing freedom culture. Brandon and Marc also share insights and highlights from their recent epic journey to Costa Rica at the Superhero Academy Mastermind meet-up and Envision Festival.

656: Pain is powerful life-energy waiting to be alchemically transmuted

Brandon and Chris talk about a question that the latter posed, with regard to emotional & psychological pain and what it means in our lives: whether pain is connected to our desires as it’s often said, what it purports to show us that we may need to look at, and how it’s ultimately life energy that is naturally flowing though it may be temporarily stagnant.

655: “Wild Wild Country”, “Power vs. Force” and the Map of Consciousness

Brandon weaves together his impressions of the Osho documentary currently being shown on Netflix, which tends to provoke mixed feelings due to its complicated subject matter, and his understanding of the work by Dr. David Hawinks most well-represented in his pioneering book Power vs. Force, as well as a related concept, what Dr. Hawinks termed the “Map of Consciousness”.

654: “P-Head Posse” Episode Nine with Alexa and Ramin (Part 1)

Alexa chats it up with Ramin Nazer in the first of a two-part interview; he is an artist, owner of a small publishing company and a fellow podcaster. Ramin is quite engaging, intelligent and funny, and in this first part of his interview he shares some of his insights and wisdom with Alexa and the audience.

Ramin’s website:

653: “Oneness”, Chapter Nine—The Endless Buffet of Life Possibilities

Brandon reads Chapter 9 of “Oneness” which contains an interesting allegory: life as a buffet that we visit with our clean plates, over and over again, looking to sample any of the delicious offerings we call contrast?and how we can content ourselves with simply “being” in between servings of this endless buffet.