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702: Pal-Wow with spiritual teacher and author Matt Kahn

Author, spiritual teacher and empathic healer Matt Kahn possesses powerful acumen and profound understanding into the nature of reality and how to live it more harmoniously. In this episode he shares with Brandon tidbits of his upcoming book Everything Is Here To Help You and discusses in depth some of its insights and other unique perspectives such as meta-incarnation and spiritual inferiority.

701: Integrity is internal consistency with a clear intention

Brandon and Christopher Jackson talk about integrity, both in relationships with others as well as the primary relationship we have with ourselves, and they highlight how honesty must necessarily form the basis for manifesting potential and future growth.

700: Faith vs. Fear and the Definition of the Universe

Brandon talks about faith versus fear, in the context of a specific definition of the Universe, spurred by a “note from the same” which he received on this date (via Notes from the Universe by Mike Dooley), aided by an Abraham-Hicks clip and illustrated by a couple of recent personal anecdotes.

699: “P-Head Posse” Episode Eighteen with Alexa and Kara

Kara Maryn is a listener who specializes in Reiki healing and went on to overcome a personal history of great pain and trauma and find the Positive Head Podcast at a crucial time in her life. She tells Alexa about her background, her Reiki work and how she has manifested some fun & interesting things since opening up to a greater reality.

698: Trust that you will never avoid what is truly meant for you

Brandon answers a question from a listener and takes the opportunity to explore a particular line of reasoning, leaning on an Abraham-Hicks clip to make the point that things, situations and people which our egos deem as negative, are not obstacles or dramas that our spirits fear or are concerned about.

697: Pal-Wow with motivational messenger Preston Smiles

Preston Smiles is a motivational messenger with a strong focus on the power of love and a popular series of YouTube videos. In this episode he tells Brandon how he found his path in life and he shares some of his unique insights for putting esoteric knowledge into actionable steps.

696: “Oneness”, Chapter 10—unfolding, detachment and karma

Brandon reads and comments on Chapter 10 of Oneness by Rasha, pertaining to the ebb and flow of time and consciousness and the unfolding and development of interactions and processes, advising us to “go with the flow” rather than forcefully trying to assert our will.


695: The reward for not protecting our psyche is liberation

Brandon relates a personal family story tied to the Memorial Day holiday in the US, discusses the new Purium-Positive Head partnership (more details at and talks about letting go, using a quote by Michael Singer from his book The Untethered Soul regarding liberation being the reward for not protecting our psyche, as the basis for this discussion.


694: “P-Head Posse” Episode Seventeen: Alexa Houser

Some P-Heads will know about Alexa already, but for those who don’t this episode is all about the creator of the P-Head Posse episode series herself. Alexa has already done a lot to advance both her own spiritual development in her life and further the connections and development of interested listeners and fans of the show, so she definitely deserved her own episode.


693: Don’t worry about how, trust that you will “get there”

Brandon has a very loose, freewheeling episode, inspired by the very idea of not knowing what to say in advance but still being willing to “play the game” and exercising trust that the right words will come. Given that this is a bit of a theme for P-Heads, even this loose discussion should prove helpful to listeners synchronistically.