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895: (P)Head Posse Episode Fifty-eight: Brian Miller

Brian Miller is a relationship teacher and counselor, as well as an author and a vision quest guide. In this episode he talks about his work, the life events that prompted his spiritual transformation and his connection to our podcast.

894: The Ecstasy of Fondness with Richard Rudd

Brandon shares another of “Gene Keys” author Richard Rudd’s “Ecstatics” or discussions of remarkable historical figures in “download” or revelatory fashion. This talk’s subject is the mystic Persian poet Hafez.

893: Soul-Share with The Reconnection’s Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer

Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer talk in depth about about The Reconnection, their revolutionary and fundamentally different approach to healing and understanding of human physiology, as it empowers each human being to become focal points for the powerful healing and creative energy of the much larger Universal intelligence that we are all already a part of.

892: Who are you in relationship to the stories you tell?

Brandon talks about stories once again, and their power in dictating our perspective on reality even though this is only a chosen, relative vantage point. He also shares an Abraham-Hicks clip on how “telling the story practices the vibration” and weaves in a continuation of the last episode’s theme about childlike playfulness and not becoming too attached to stories.

891: Reclaim your inner child and in-lighten up

Brandon talks about childlike attitudes that are godlike or aligned with the highest intelligence, such as playfulness, imagination and innocence, and perhaps above all light-heartedness and a willingness to not take things too seriously.

890: (P)Head Posse Episode Fifty-seven: Adam Theroux

Adam Theroux is a philantropist from Rhode Island and he is also the founder and director of nonprofit organization “Good People Doing Good”, which has the simple goal of helping its community with “unexpected acts of kindness” that usually entail selfless generosity, a heart-centered philosophy right in line with Positive Head values.

889: There is power in acknowledging our connection and intention

Brandon comments on an email by a listener named Whitney with some thought-provoking comments about acknowledging our connection to, and taking responsibility for, everything in our lives and what seems to happen “to” us, which really takes place through and for us as well.

888: Soul-share with “Crystal Bible” author Judy Hall

Judy Hall has a great wealth of experience working with and intuitive knowledge about many different kinds of crystals, to the extent that she has written an authoritative “Crystal Bible” with millions of copies sold, and she is of the opinion that crystals can help mediate everything from greater health and enhanced psychic faculties to fully visionary multidimensional experiences.

887: Inspired Action versus Required Action

Brandon talks about the contrast laid out in the title, between what could be called “inspired action” as opposed to activities many of engage in, which have a quality of reluctant obligation associated with them, and he shares an Abraham-Hicks clip about “not needing the job to get the money” with an important bit of advice: alignment is more important than action.

886: Healing the heart from old wounds with Sonya Sophia

Sonya Sophia stops by again to share her EFT or “tapping” gifts, and this time the theme is balancing self-care and selfless care for others, with Sonya sharing some profound revelations about “giving our heart away” that she received recently during a plant-medicine healing session.