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596: Some people and situations challenge us more than others

Brandon shares a listener’s story sent in to him, about a situation with a co-worker that devolved into antagonism and bad feelings, and he offers his characteristic positive takes as well as reminding listeners to be gentle with themselves and invoke the power of love as often as possible, to help defuse negativity and reveal the truth of any situation.

595: You have a built-in Emotional Guidance System

Brandon reads a listener’s inquiry that questions why we strive for certain things over others if everything is an aspect of Source, and he takes the opportunity to comment on this insightful query and how it references the “Emotional Guidance System” from the Abraham-Hicks material. He also shares an Abraham clip with advice on how to soothe ourselves when going through a difficult spell.

594: “Oneness”, chapter 23: navigating through changes and integrating our selves

Brandon once again reads a chapter from the book “Oneness” and comments on its contents, this time discussing Chapter 23 which has as its topics adapting to the escalating momentum of change, integrating parallel aspects of our composite selves and experiencing expanded perceptions and augmented levels of reality.

593: Relax, breathe and get back to your senses this year

Brandon continues to reflect on the year that is just beginning by sharing his thoughts, a post on the Facebook listeners’ group and other timeless wisdom designed to help us all get back to our baseline, a level of calm and centeredness that allows us to deal with any challenges coming up in the months ahead. (If you like the song “Kaleid” by Josiah L. at the end of today’s episode, help him win the opportunity to perform at Lucidity Festival by taking five seconds to vote for him here:

592: Interview with creative inspirationalist Shakara Tosha

Shakara is a multidimensional guide and creative inspirationalist who speaks energetic light languages and channels star messages from various guides about ascension and living life creatively. In this episode, hear the story of how she very recently walked away from a big six-figure salary at the urging of her guides and her own heart, so that she can more fully step into her role as an ascension guide that wields the transformative power of light languages.

591: Synchronicity stories and the numerological significance behind 2018 being a Master Number 11 year

Brandon begins the new year by discussing the numerological significance of 2018 being a Master Number 11 year and the transcendent potentiality of this new cycle. He also shares several fascinating synchronicities that have occurred in his own life over the last few days.

590: Brandon reads from and comments on “Oneness” chapter 39

Brandon continues his weekly reading from and commenting on the book “Oneness” by Rasha, a longtime favorite of his and a channelled book of spiritual knowledge that serves as a kind of “handbook for ascension”. This week he reads Chapter 39 which talks about finding God.

589: Non-duality and eternity, in this life and the next

Brandon answers a question from a listener concerning mediumship, reincarnation and communication with deceased loved ones, and he takes a peek “behind the veil” making reference to his own thoughts on the matter, as well as sharing the teachings of others like Neale Donald Walsch and Abraham-Hicks.

588: Interview with eco-activist Connor Evans

Connor Evans is an eco-activist who runs and is also a meta journalist at In this episode, hear about Connor’s adventure at Standing Rock in 2016, a detailed breakdown of the role the transnational corporate empire has played on our planet up to this point, and why he is optimistic about us breaking free from the grasp of “the powers that were” and how they ultimately are contributing to our species’ collective evolution.

587: Always live in the now—it’s all the time you ever have

Brandon speaks about living in the present, an often-heard admonition that is nonetheless “timeless” wisdom, as an answer to a question sent in by an anonymous listener. He shares his own perspective which includes his insightful saying that “life plays out at the crossroads of free will and destiny”, as well as wisdom on the power of the present moment by teachers like Eckhart Tolle, an acknowledged master on this subject.