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789: (P)Head Posse Episode Thirty-Six—Ili Lagos

Ili Lagos is a special education teacher, writer, musician, metaphysical junkie and self-professed manifester. Hear her talk about her work with troubled children, the podcast and the community of listeners surrounding it, and how it helps like-minded people across the globe connect with each other and with empowering teachings like those of Abraham-Hicks, Brene Brown and others.

788: Becoming a Heartist with Brandon and Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson returns after his last episode with Brandon (#746) from early August, and takes the chance to talk about everything related to “becoming a Heartist” which he has referenced before but now explores in greater detail, discussing aspects of this modality like aligning with expectations and intentions, and properly contextualizing beliefs.

787: Pal-Wow with YouTuber and Podcaster Kalyn Nicholson

Kalyn Nicholson has over a million followers on YouTube and appears like other fashion-aware and media-savvy young women, but she also has great candor and curiosity about psychology and the nature of human relationships. In this episode she talks with Brandon about being honest with her intentions behind the content she publishes, how she uses meditation to deal with the anxiety-inducing aspects of her world, and more.

786: The Power of Trusting the Universe

The inspiration for this episode came in part through the musical artist Volo, who submitted their music to be played on the show and gave Brandon the idea that things which are life-enhancing, constructive and “meant to be” tend to flow with the energy of ease, non-resistance and joyously detached, creative manifestation. He also shares an Alan Watts clip on the “power of trusting the Universe”.

785: Float on with the synchronicity ripples

Brandon relates several synchronicities that have “rippled out” from his most recent daily episode (#783) like the quote from American writer Hunter S. Thompson, a post from recent guest Koko Kercher and the band Modest Mouse, and more. He also shares a memorable speech from Charlie Chaplin’s movie “The Great Dictator” that was shared a long time ago on the show.

784: (P)Head Posse Episode Thirty-Five—Tim Trottman

Tim Trottman is another (P)Head with quite an active presence on the Facebook closed group of podcast listeners—he is also partnered up with fellow listener and spiritual seeker Tom Steensma recently, and together they make regular contributions to the group and elsewhere. Tim is a keen mind interested in probing the secrets of ultimate reality and sharing his discoveries with other like-minded seekers.

783: The Path is The Goal

Brandon leans on a quote for inspiration today—Hunter S. Thompson recommending living life more like a wild rollercoaster ride than a museum visit—and he offers his own take that this process is a dance between working with, playing with and delegating to the largest part of our selves, which we commonly call The Universe at large. This episode also features a clip from Alan Watts titled “Let it Happen by Itself”.

782: Pal-Wow with “Monster-Busting” Teacher Kim Fiske

Kim Fiske wants to get to the truthful emotional core of situations and people, with powerful nonjudgmental awareness, and though in this episode you will hear her talk about our childhood selves and monsters, “mental blood hounds”, “reticular activation systems” and other concepts that may sound amusing or odd, the emotional core of authenticity behind them is undeniable.

781: Death is the end of the book… the author lives on forever

Erica answers a question from a listener pertaining to death and crossing over—specifically, premonitions concerning the soon-to-be-departed that this person experiences. Erica offers her perspectives which clearly include the ultimate nature of reality, time and the fact that our experiences are multi-dimensional, layered and nuanced.

780: Erica and Sonya Sophia with a Fall Tapping for Global Spiritual Seekers

Erica takes over today and in turn gives the reins over to Sonya Sophia, who naturally was at Burning Man 2018 recently, offering her EFT or “tapping” services to many Burners and (P)Heads, and in this episode she also conducts a tapping session to help the global spiritual community connect and coalesce in love for one another and the planet.