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925: (p)HeAd Posse Episode Sixty-four: Becky Hanney

Becky Hanney is a painter living in London whose work could be considered “visionary art” but is produced through a unique intuitive process of “fractal automatism” and ultimately represents a living cosmology that is rich with meaning to the viewer.

924: Think a little less, feel a little more

Brandon talks about exciting perspectives that often run counter to what the default world tells us, like “feeling” instead of thinking our way through tricky situations, and also touches upon the perspective that beings on the “other side” hold about earthly life, sharing clips by Abraham-Hicks and Bashar to further this point.

923: Soul-Share with “Spiritual Warrior” Richard Haight

Richard Height is a martial arts expert and spiritual teacher who has published several books including his best-selling “The Unbound Soul”, and in this interview he shares with Brandon his unique life story and spiritual path that took him through a mystical Christian experience in his childhood to learning about advanced martial arts techniques in Japan, and gain a profound understanding of the meditative state to help attain calm and presence in the most challenging situations.

922: When it feels like struggle, give it a rest

Brandon talks about syncing up with the “divine order” of the Universe, a new perspective that many people all over the world are learning to apply to their plans and their lives, by sensing the subtle nuances of high-frequency energy work. He also shares an Abraham-Hicks clip on this called, “When it feels like struggle, give it a rest” that expounds on this exact same idea.

921: “Return of the Bird Tribes”, Chapter Twelve: Great Day of Purification

Erica reads from Chapter 12 of “Return of the Bird Tribes” by Ken Carey, a highly recommended book published over twenty years ago. This chapter talks about the “Great Day of Purification” which we also understand as the current ascension process we’re undergoing collectively, and is perhaps one of the most beautiful and powerful chapters of these amazing writings inspired by spirit.

920: (p)HeAd Posse Episode Sixty-three: Alicia Lynn Diaz

Alicia Lynn Diaz is a transformational healer and creator of the Enlightened Body System and the “Soul of Healing” summit, specializing in assisting other healers release emotions and rejuvenate themselves through a blend of Ayurveda, modern medicine and emotional work.

919: Personal Boundaries vs. Oneness

Brandon talks about the blurry lines of boundaries and where they fit in with the idea of oneness. He also shares a clip of Teal Swan breaking down the topic in great detail.

918: Soul-Share with Consciousness Explorer Anthony Peake

Anthony Peake is a leading-edge scientist seeking to back up a consciousness-based model of reality with as much data as possible, and this has led him to write several books on the relative nature of time, the possibility of life after death and other fascinating mysteries that we are now collectively beginning to solve as a species.

917: Leveling up with Brandon and Charis

The charismatic Charis Melina Brown rejoins Brandon to talk about “leveling up” in life, a concept tied to gaming that could also be equated to the “ascension” process that humanity is undergoing, and which comes with its own set of challenges that are unique to this time in history. She also gives a sneak peek into her upcoming book “Starseed Wilding”.

916: Raise your vibration, increase serendipity and align with your power

Brandon talks about conscious frequency elevation, a practice that ought to be the cornerstone of anyone’s spiritual evolution but which also “looks” different for each of us, depending on our own personalities and circumstances. He shares a TEDx talk from Joanna McEwen at the University of Brighton titled “Why raising your vibration increases serendipity” and follows up on the data and ideas presented that back up these practices.