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750: Anxiety, if you can’t stop that wave, you can learn to surf it

Brandon tackles a very specific thing, the anxiety that many people feel these days, and how those on the spiritual path may unwittingly energize these dysfunctional patterns by the attention given to them. He also offers solutions and perspectives that naturally balance out and dispel anxiety by calling forth essential aspects of our expanded nature as human beings.

749: (P)Head Posse Episode Twenty-Eight—Lyndsey Gootee

Lyndsey Gootee is a writer, yogi, student of life and women’s transformation coach, a sort of “trainer of leaders” in San Francisco. In this episode she talks about her work, recent breakthroughs she’s experienced and other (P)Head related topics.

748: Find “vortextual compliance” and bloom wherever you are

Brandon answers a common question that was asked almost two years ago to the date (#230), how to reconcile worldly careers and work circumstances that we’ve often found we have outgrown, but in this instance the listener finds themselves very challenged and resistant to their siuation. In answering this Brandon also shares an Abraham-Hicks clips and recalls stories told by Peter Sage and Derek Rydall.

747: Pal-Wow with Sagely Entrepreneur Peter Sage

Peter Sage has shared the stage with businessmen like Richard Branson, for good reasons—he is a successful author, entrepreneur and philosopher who undoubtedly represents the global shift towards a higher consciousness by embodying these principles in the business world. Hear him talk about all this and his latest book just published a week ago, The Inside Track, which he wrote while incarcerated at one of Europe’s toughest prisons.


746: Brandon and Chris give Mackenzie a (P)Head-style coaching session

Mackenzie Jenson is a listener who was brave enough to post about her insecurity online and ended up connecting with Chris Jackson for a coaching session. The result is just another classic (P)Head episode where Chris drosp lots of his typical “truth bombs” such as the fact that we all perceive each other’s subtle energies and the ways we also subtly use language to tell ourselves stories that may not always be empowering.

745: It annoys you because something in you is a match to that vibration

The chosen topic for this episode is annoyance and irritation, and how it only really brings out what was there inside of us to begin with, every time we fret against unpleasant events and people?because everything is a reflection of our own inner state. Brandon also shares and comments on an Abraham-Hicks clip that speaks very clearly to this whole idea.

744: P-Head Posse Episode Twenty-Seven—Christianne Price

Christianne is focused on helping heal the world “from the inside out” primarily by raising her daughter as lovingly as she possibly can, and she also has delved into Reiki studies, currently at Level 2, and is a “newbie spiritual blogger” exploring her own newfound gifts as an empath and clairsentient.

743: There is no grand master plan

Brandon’s chosen theme for this episode is there not being a master plan for our lives, inspired in part by a clip from author Neale Donald Walsch that speaks about this, and he comments on the implications of this idea which he hopes will prove liberating and empowering for listeners to consider.

742: Pal-Wow with Ascension channeler David Hrostoski

David is the brother of recurring podcast guest and Brandon’s friend Michael Hrostoski, and he is a highly sensitive and gifted channel which he gets to demonstrate live on this episode. He also talks about his perspectives on the ascension process, which he discusses in his own podcast and elsewhere in his work, like channeling itself being an aspect of a fuller form of physical incarnation that humanity is undertaking now.

741: It is all self-inflicted by and onto our eternal collective self

Brandon touches upon a delicate subject, that of death by suicide as well as the acute grief and guilt that the living often experience in its wake. The ultimate take however is that there is no sense in focusing upon the loss because the true nature of reality is that death is only a transition and even new memories are possible with loved ones who have departed.