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714: P-Head Posse Episode Twenty-One—Mytrae Meliana

Mytrae Meliana is a sound healer, divine feminine teacher and author with a pretty amazing story of personal rebirth and healing. In this episode she talks with Alexa about key influences in her life like her background in psychotherapy and her quest to understand the essence of healing, and also the podcast’s influence in her daily life.

713: What the heck is REALLY going on behind the curtain of this reality

Brandon breaks down his take on “the ultimate nature of reality” in detail and offers some very compelling perspectives, concepts and evidence that supports the idea that all of us are extensions of the one source consciousness that creates and animates all things.

712: Pal-Wow with Divine Numerologist Extraordinaire Darius Oliver

Darius Oliver is a Divine Numerologist with an undeniable gift. In this interview he shares his knowledge of numerology’s history and its intricacies, some fascinating facts and anecdotes about Ouija boards, and he gives Brandon a numerological reading on-air as well as extend a generous offer to P-Heads.

711: “Oneness”, Chapter 28—Our ever-shifting composite reality

Brandon reads and comments on Ch. 28 of Oneness, part of a Positive Head Podcast miniseries. The themes of this chapter are the nature of our “composite reality”, change, diversity and how parallel realities fit into the larger picture, and the implication seems to be that our collective reality is far more malleable than we realize.

710: Magical Money Monday Musings

Prompted by a post on the P-Heads Facebook group, Brandon talks about money in a candid fashion, acknowledging that it is a thorny subject for many if not most people, and lovingly refusing to subscribe to lesser ideas about “financial guilt” and our “personal vortex” of wealth and abundance, as discussed by Wayne Dyer and other teachers.

709: P-Head Posse Episode Twenty—Ryan Read

Ryan Read is founder of the Martial Cannabist, a brand centered around—as the name would suggest—integrating martial arts practice and cannabis usage. Ryan relates his personal story including a moving tale of his mother’s passing, his grandfather’s role in his life, his current work with his company and his take on the podcast.


708: How to know when to push and when to ease back

Brandon is prompted by a listener question to talk about how we can discern when it’s best to go with the flow versus when more forceful action is needed.


707: Pal-Wow with Legendary Sound Healer and Angel Whisperer Stewart Pearce

Stewart has been privy to metaphysical information his whole life, and after studying acting at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company he ended up unlocking his “personal note” and his sound-healing gift. In this episode he delves with Brandon into the mysteries of ancient Atlantis and Egypt, as they have been revealed to him and he has experienced directly, and throughout it all he keeps love as his focus.


706: Lessons on the unfathomable but real power of the mind

Erica continues a theme from her previous episode with Bryan and talks about the immense power of the mind to create and effect change, drawing from her own experience as a QHHT practitioner, the work of Dolores Cannon and upcoming podcast guest Gregg Braden.


705: The festival scene with Erica and Bryan

Erica and Bryan talk about a variety of topics with a focus on transformational festivals, such as one that they attended a few weeks ago in the Southwestern American desert, and the upcoming Fairy Festival in Cornwall, UK.