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580: One great secret is… not minding whatever happens

Brandon answers questions from listeners and talks about learning not to mind negativity, and through awareness gradually defusing negative patterns that have become established over time. He also shares a clip from Eckhart Tolle on dealing with anger whenever it arises.

579: Interview with reluctant author Connie Kaplan

Connie Kaplan is the author of the book The Invisible Garment, which outlines and explains the 30 spiritual principles that make up the very fabric of human life. In this episode, Connie shares the incredible story of how angelic entities appeared to her when she was sitting by her father’s deathbed and how they made a special agreement to convince her to put out the information that they shared with her in that moment to the rest of the world. Connie also shares some insight into several of these principles and even gives Brandon an Invisible Garment mini-reading based on his astrological chart that provides him with validation of his own life path.


578: It all leads to an eventual conscious decision

Brandon has a more freewheeling episode today, loosely inspired by listener reviews and posts on the podcast Facebook group, but an episode that still circles around to the usual Positive Head themes of self-empowerment and excitement in conscious creative decision-making. He also shares an Abraham-Hicks clip with a useful technique to aid in our daily routines.

577: Readings for the holidays with Colby Rebel

Brandon welcomes Colby Rebel back on the show and she gives intuitive readings to select listeners as well as talk with Brandon about loneliness and self-love, something prevalent and relevant especially during the holidays.

576: Dream synchronicities and “Oneness”, chapter 12

Brandon references some interesting occurrences of dreams concerning one he recently had, an upcoming guest of the podcast who is a dream expert, and a post from a listener on the Facebook group. He also reads chapter 12 of “Oneness”, one of Brandon’s favorite books and his “handbook for ascension” that has been read on Fridays for the past few weeks on the show; this chapter chosen seemingly at random synchronistically talks about dreams.

575: It is all for love of self, since there is really only one of us

Brandon answers more questions from listeners on matters of heartbreak, dealing with unconscious people and if a one-night stand can be an elevated loving thing. He offers his typical positive perspective and advances that it all comes down to self-love, since we are all ultimately one at the highest metaphysical levels.

574: Interview with author and podcast host Sahara Rose

Sahara Rose is the best-selling author of The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda and host of the the stellar Highest Self Podcast. In this episode, hear Sahara’s story of how she went from being unhealthy to having the number one best-selling Ayurvedic book in the world. Sahara shares enlightening explanations of Ayurveda including the different doshas (mind-Body types) and how they are connected to one’s dharma (life purpose), as well as an inspiring story of how she manifested working with Deepak Chopra.

573: Tragic death or soul contract playing out?

Brandon addresses questions from listeners about difficult passings and traumatic experiences, from terminally ill children to murdered adults, and hopes to offer larger perspectives woven into a larger tapestry of complex interactions and soul contracts playing out across many human lifetimes.

572: The symbolism of vivid dreams and prophecies for the end times

Brandon addresses a couple of questions, one from a listener who experienced a dream vivid with subconscious symbolism, and in answering it he once again touches upon the concepts of distinguishing between true intuition and fearful projections, and another question concerning prophecies for the “end times” and the return of Christ Consciousness.

571: “Oneness”, chapter 27

Continuing this recent ongoing custom of reading chapters from the book Oneness, which Brandon refers to as a “guidebook for ascension”, this time he reads Chapter 27 which expands upon the nature of the journey home, deciphering the imagery that surrounds us, the power of choice with focused intent, and awakening to be here now.