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880: (P)Head Posse Episode Fifty-five: Terisa Brenna

Terisa Brenna is a brand designer out of Nashville, Tennesse who founded her own brand, Star Seed, to inspire and empower individuals along their spiritual journey through unique apparel that “speaks to the soul”.

879: Ashley joins Brandon to discuss perspectives on love

Brandon invites listener and friend Ashley Soltys to join him and discuss a post she recently made on the Positive Heads Facebook group and expound further on its theme of love for this St. Valentine’s holiday, which is commonly but not necessarily associated with romantic love.

878: Soul-Share with “Spiritwalker” Dr. Hank Wesselman

Dr. Hank Wesselman is an anthropologist who found himself having paradigm- and time-shifting visionary experiences, as he tells in his classic “Spiritwalker” trilogy of spiritual memoirs, and in this episode he peels back the curtian to reveal even more fascinating aspects of his connection to this timeless source of wisdom and its ongoing unfoldment, such as an uncoming fourth book in the Spiritwalker saga.

877: Extraterrestrials, UFOs and things alien and mysterious

Erica talks about aliens and UFOs, which she says are fairly common sightings in Arizona where she lives, and she shares both her own personal stories and another excerpt from Dolores Cannon with more detailed and fascinating information to consider regarding our intelligent cosmic siblings from other planets and perhaps even other times and dimensions.

876: Infinity and transcendence with Dr. Erica

Dr. Erica Middlemiss takes over while Brandon is away and uses a listener question on the nature of eternity as a springboard for a discussion on aspects of life that may escape our comprehension. She takes the opportunity to share her knowledge of the book “The Law of One”, also known as the “Ra material”, and the work of Dolores Cannon to broach the subject of these very esoteric metaphysical facets of existence.

875: (P)Head Posse Episode Fifty-four: Gerri Mana

Gerri Mana is a visionary seer, healer and coach who works with women to ignite their spark for life well into their fifties through intuition, visioning and alchemy. To learn more about Gerri’s work, visit:

874: Would you choose yourself?

Brandon welcomes Samantha Lotus back on the show to talk about self-esteem, specifically seeking to challenge several insidious ideas about selfishness, self-martyrdom and self-sacrifice that have taken on a distorted or exaggerated meaning in our cultures and civilizations.

873: Soul-Share with “Bluefish Wizard” Steve Sims

Steve Sims has been referred to as a real-life “Wizard of Oz” for founding his luxury concierge service Bluefish, and in this episode he shares with Brandon his no-nonsense attitude through entertaining stories, as well as how he’s gotten to amass wealth and rub shoulders with the rich and famous through his focus on opportunities, bringing value and offering solutions.

872: Optimization Q&A with Amber and Jess

Brandon welcomes listeners Amber Haley and Jess Koch onto the show to offer them his unique uplifting perspectives applied to their questions or problems and serving as a counselor or coach of sorts, in a relaxed informal fashion. The topics discussed include connecting with people when discussing deep spiritual matters, and moving on from relationships and circumstances that were once highly aligned but may no longer be so.

871: Find your soul, mate

Brandon addresses a few of the concepts aforementioned, like soulmates and twin flames, as they are more and more popular and discussed in culture and society including like-minded listeners of the show.