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672: Pal-Wow with psychic medium and author John Holland

John Holland is a psychic medium, spiritual teacher and author whose latest book Bridging Two Realms aims to help especially the bereaved and grieving. In this episode John gives the audience a glimpse of his life path, gives Brandon a spontaneous psychic reading and offers Positive Head listeners a generous limited-time offer that you can get more details on by listening through and emailing John directly.

671: Kundalini Awakenings and Synchronicity Ripples

Brandon shares several accounts of synchronicity, magic and even potential Kundalini activation from the last few days, including the story of the “magic jacket” that he recounted in one of the earliest episodes, which also tie into other people’s stories and synchronistic events from festivals and similar events.

670: More interdimensional wisdom from the angelic “Bird Tribes” with Erica

Erica reads ch. 5 & 6 of the remarkable book “Return of the Bird Tribes” by Ken Carey, one of the Positive Head Podcast’s favorite recommended books. These chapters tell the story of “White Buffalo Calf Woman” and the last incarnations of the Bird Tribes among native tribes in North America before they left the physical plane altogether.

669: “P-Head Posse” Episode Twelve with Alexa and Paula

Paula Johnson is a writer and artist who lost her son and brother in an accident nine years ago, which in turn was a factor for Paula to further develop her own psychic abilities. In this episode Paula shares the wisdom she continues to glean from her experience and how the show has played a part in her spiritual growth.

668: “Oneness”, Chapter 40—The Quickening and Bridging Dimensions

Brandon reads Chapter 40 of “Oneness”, which lists as its topics the “Quickening”, emerging into the totality of our life experiences and memories, and the interdimensional bridging of this world with the next.

667: Pal-Wow with healer and channeler Lee Harris

Lee is an energy intuitive and channeler whose big heart and calm centeredness are readily apparent, and whose monthly “energy forecasts” have gotten over a million plays online. In this episode he tells Brandon how he found his gift, gives a glimpse into his own experience channeling his personal guides, and conducts a live energy reading on-air as well as offer an awesome incentive for P-Heads at

666: What is the deal with the Devil?

Brandon and Chris have a supremely interesting conversation about the character of Satan or Lucifer, inspired by a review sent in by a listener, and they attempt to shed some light on this inherently mysterious figure and the connected story of the “Fall of Man”, which as many listeners of the show may intuit, does not have the traditional significance that many people assume due to Christian dogma.

665: A conversation about the New Masculinity with Michael Hrostoski

Brandon welcomes Michael Hrostoski to the show for a conversation about the “New Masculinity” that is emerging in our times; Michael became a men’s coach years ago as his own personal spiritual blossoming took place, and now more than ever there is great demand and need for his evolved understanding on what it means to be a man in the 21st century.

664: “P-Head Posse” Episode Eleven with Alexa and Amby

Amby Matthews is a listener with a unique family history: she communicates with her own deceased brother, her daughter channels her grandmother, and Amby herself has gradually come to grips with her psychic gift, all of which adds up to a grand picture of healing and love “across the veil” between our world and the other side.

663: “Oneness”, Chapter 11—integrating changes at the collective level

Brandon reads ch. 11 of Oneness, a book that P-Heads are now familiar with thanks to Brandon often reading chapters from it and referring to it as a “handbook for ascension”. Chapter Eleven deals with dynamics that play out at the so-called collective level of consciousness, encompassing all of humanity and including natural disasters and other dramatic examples of collective energy release.