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799: (P)Head Posse Episode Thirty-Eight—Allan Morelock

Allan Morelock is a published author and poet, and he is also a teacher and an energy healer who has been aware of his identity as a spiritual being since very early childhood in the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee. In this episode he relates this formative event that triggered his realization, gives his take on current wordly events and offers insights into the subtleties of this global awakening process.

798: Ignoring our personal preferences to allow for life’s greater plan

Brandon has been highly impressed by the writings of Michael A. Singer, having referenced and recommended his book The Untethered Soul several times and now, having just finished Michael’s book The Surrender Experiment, is motivated to talk about the concept of ignoring our personal preferences to allow instead for life’s natural course to unfold, which in Michael’s case resulted in attaining the ultimate flow state and extremely inspiring results.

797: Pal-Wow with “Joy Aesthetic Specialist” Ingrid Fetell Lee

Ingrid Fetell Lee specializes in connecting the experience of joy with its aesthetic and visual dimensions, which has led her to publish the “Aesthetics of Joy” blog, a recently-released book titled “Joyful” and a TED talk with over ten million views. In this episode she tells Brandon what role design and visual arts played in her background, and how factors like bright colors and sunlight in our environments all contribute to our experience of daily life as either joyful or draining.

796: Erica and Bryan give the audience a lot to meditate on

Erica and her fiancĂ© Bryan, who last accompanied her on the show back in June 2018 (#705) dedicate a full episode to meditation, a topic that ought to have great relevance to listeners of this show for good reason: it is a deep, healing and profoundly transformative practice that in one way or another forms the foundation of a person’s spiritual development.

795: The Kybalion and Hermetic Principles updated for the modern era

Erica reads from the book “The Kybalion” which was published at the dawn of the 20th century and is all about the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus and his Seven Hermetic Principles, which underlie not only the legacy of his wisdom but perhaps the very nature of reality itself.

794: (P)Head Posse Episode Thirty-Seven—Sarah Nehamen and Melissa Eliyahoo

Sarah Nehamen and Melissa Eliyahoo share passions and similar interests in design, entrepreneurship and spirituality, and together they developed a business based on a water bottle sticker that is helping to subtly elevate the vibrations of thirsty drinkers in a fun way, thanks in part to the principle of “water memory”.

793: Reflections on confidence with Erica Middlemiss

Erica takes the reins and is inspired to talk about confidence, starting with the beautifully simple synchronistic review at the top of the show, and on through authenticity and subtle awareness of the language we use as part the discussion on the broader subject. She also shares an Abraham-Hicks clip titled “Confidence is Worthiness”.

792: Pal-Wow with longevity ambassador Dr. Reed Tuckson

Dr. Reed Tuckson is a physician dedicated to health beyond the merely physical who found his way to the life work of Korean spirituality and longevity pioneer Ilchi Lee, in particular his most recent book I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years. Needless to say, many concepts implicated herein are related to listeners familiar with meditation, yoga, and in particular Tai Chi and other Eastern-philosophy-aligned practices.

791: Psychic explorations and a message from the Sun spirit

This episode features an excerpt from “The Psychic Explorer” by V. Van Dam, an older and little-known but very interesting book that ought to intrigue (P)Heads and which Brandon has referenced and read from occasionally. Here he reads the “Message from the Sun” that is part of a series of channeled messages from celestial bodies which closes the book.

790: Summon forth the courage of lions

Brandon discusses some interesting ideas that have not been touched upon often, like the fact that our expectations may subtly influence others more than we realize, how we get caught up in our own assumptions about those expectations and how this all can be turned around and used to our advantage, by inspiring us to act with deliberate confidence.