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Positive Head Podcast #81: Interview with best-selling author Dr. Eben Alexander discussing his miraculous near-death experience

Dr. Eben Alexander is a renowned Harvard neurosurgeon and author of the best-selling book Proof of Heaven. In this episode, Dr. Alexander explains how he contracted a deadly form of meningitis which led to a spectacular near-death experience that radically transformed his views on reality and consciousness.

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You can now tune in to The Positive Head Podcast Monday-Friday each week! Every Wednesday, host Brandon Beachum interviews a different consciousness change-maker that is helping to pave the way for humanity as we collectively transition into a state of expanded consciousness and awareness. He talks with authors, directors, artists, bloggers, scientists, entrepreneurs and anyone else who is out there making a positive impact on the world. As a feature, he also gets them to share any fascinating stories of synchronicity or positive paranormal happenings that they have experienced!

On the other weekdays, Brandon and his co-host Dalien give interpretations of their favorite quotes, share a bit of mind-expanding news, take questions from the audience, and dig into other positive topics they deem worthy of discussion.

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161: Interview with best-selling author of The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a renowned biologist with a revolutionary view on genetics and consciousness. In this interview he speaks about our cell "self-receptors" and identity, offers vast insight into the conscious mind and subconscious programming, and shares his perspective about how we can indeed create Heaven on Earth.

111: Interview with renowned theoretical physicist and researcher Nassim Haramein

Nassim has spent thirty years researching physics, geometry, cosmology, quantum mechanics and ancient civilizations. His studies led him to discover a fundamental geometry of space which is the basis for a long-sought-after unified field theory.

146: Interview with founder of Collective Evolution, Joe Martino

Joe Martino is founder of the popular consciousness expanding website, In this episode, Brandon and Joe discuss following your passion, alternative communities, solar influence and spiritual revolution.

64: Interview with Mitch Schultz, director of the documentary DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Mitch Schultz is the director of the highly acclaimed documentary DMT: The Spirit Molecule. In this episode, Brandon and Mitch discuss the documentary in depth, which follows the fascinating research done by Dr. Rick Strassman where he gave his patients the commonly occurring molecule DMT (dimethyltryptamine). They discuss many incredible accounts that his patients experienced in other dimensions of reality while on DMT, and why Dr. Strassman ultimately determined that his patients were actually dealing with a spiritual phenomenon.

49: Interview with professional reincarnator and founder of, Sevan Bomar (Part 1)

Sevan Bomar is a self-proclaimed professional reincarnator and founder of After a full-blown 3rd eye activation experience, Sevan downloaded an incredible amount of multi-dimensional wisdom to share with the world, and in this first of two interviews, Brandon delves deeply into it with him.

24: Kimberly and Foster Gamble discuss their fascinating (and somewhat shocking) documentary "Thrive" which has been watched by over 30 million people

Kimberly and Foster Gamble are the dynamic duo behind and the enlightening documentary Thrive, which has been watched by over 30 million people. As a member of the Gamble family (maker of world famous Procter Gamble products), Foster was born into privilege, but diverged from the expected path as a young adult to research alternative energy solutions. Decades of research ultimately led him to uncover shocking information about suppressed energy solutions, the corruption of the banking system and the individuals and groups that seem to be pulling all the strings. In this episode we discuss the documentary findings, including some of the exciting solutions and developments that are helping to move our planet forward into a new era.

Will Burning Man Be Moving From Black Rock? Hear from Marian Goodell, CEO of Burning Man!

The rarely interviewed captain of the Burning Man ship steps out from behind the helm to discuss the challenges faced as the event has become much more high profile in recent years, the very real possibility of Burning Man moving from it’s home of 25 years, as well as the Burning Man organizations big plans for expansion.

181: Interview with multi-dimensional astral traveler Jason Quitt

From childhood, Jason had experiences he could not explain, then in his early 20s he had his first out-of-body experience and his whole paradigm shifted. Hear him talk with Brandon about his astral travels and alternate timelines, the global consciousness shift and how the most important thing we can do is to heal ourselves.

176: Interview with Template ambassador Karlos Kukuburra

Karlos's life mission is spreading the message of The Template, a system that uses sacred geometry to help liberate humanity and unlock our full potential. In this episode Karlos talks about the mysterious Anunnaki race, the human genetic code, and he relates an amazing story of synchronicity.

Positive Head Podcast 01-Brandon Beachum

In the premiere Positive Head Podcast, meet the host Brandon Beachum as he shares the intimate details of his own personal life story, his views on the ultimate nature of reality, as well as the intentions behind launching Positive Head.

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