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[Transcribed from podcast #315] A great way to approach our daily interactions with others is to look at it like a game. Typically when we bump up against others in our daily lives we are thinking of them and us. We think they are external to the self. They want something, I want something, we are both trying to get what we want out of the interaction. As a different approach, see what kind of results you get, where you approach the other person with the mentality, wherever I go I’m there waiting for myself. That way it goes back to we are all just reflections of one another. So instead of approaching that person as external to yourself think of them as you outside of you. Then compassion becomes a natural emotion to arise when you are playing with reality in this way. Try to remember to bring this into focus, into the front and center, as much as possible. As much as you can remember. The more you can stay focused on everywhere I go it’s me waiting for me, and how do I serve, then you will find the opportunities to give away what you want for yourself to someone else. Always do it, because it will come back around.

Wayne Dyer always says it so eloquently. He is such an inspiration and one of my favorite teachers. He says, How may I serve? Feeling good or feeling God? Feeling good is feeling God, and it comes from serving. Excuses are all about blame. When you shift to compassion blame disappears. You begin thinking like God thinks when you are in that compassionate perspective. The Dalai Lama says that compassion is the single most important quality to foster in oneself. If we could imagine all of us having our children meditate for an hour a week, 10 minutes a day, war would end in a generation. If you could imagine getting everyone to comply. When you meditate you are feeling such a deep profound bliss and relaxation. It becomes addictive to create that feeling and if you start a child young I can’t imagine them ever wanting to stop. I am just now in my life practicing meditation more and more. I have good periods where I am really good about it. I have others where I’m too busy and put it off. At the end of the day, like Osho says, everyone should meditate 15 minutes a day unless you’re too busy you should meditate 30. You need to make the time. It’s super important. The bottom line is when you serve you become like God. You do not attract what you want, you attract what you are. That’s a super powerful and profound concept. So be what you want to see more of. You want compassion, be compassionate. The universe will now look at you and say, “how can I show you compassion in return?” It’s so simple yet so many of us are missing it, not realizing the shortcut to having everything we want. We are wired for compassion it’s part of our makeup. It’s who we are, part of the interconnectedness of all things.

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As small children, fresh from the other side, we have so much compassion. We start to lose that as we grow older and become disconnected from our Source. As we get more ingrained into culture we become more separated. Culture has been designed to create separation. Of course, separation itself is also part of the cosmic game, all a part of the collective soul’s journey. However, I believe we are entering a time where it’s time to move away from separation and back to unification. I believe most everyone, especially those spiritually focused, would agree that is happening. Look at the internet for example, information is all connected and flies at the speed of light. Everything is linking up and as a result, more awareness and more compassion are coming to the surface. It’s an exciting time to be alive. There is less of what is in it for me and more of what is in it for us happening, what’s in it for the whole. The irony there is when you have that approach you are going to attract more of what’s in it for you because we are all one. Whatever you do for yourself you do for everyone. There are many people out there that still don’t get this. It can seem so basic to us now, but it’s one thing to talk about and it’s another thing to really live up to and do. Especially when life circumstances are difficult. Knowing this stuff is one thing, living it is another. We are constantly being challenged and humbled on our journey.

There are many ways to practice compassion. One simple way is reciting a mantra. Barbara Schmidt and her book, The Practice, says choosing a sacred mantra will help to foster this remembrance, this awareness in the now. A mantra is a sacred phrase or centering prayer. It helps train your mind to pay attention and stay focused in the present moment. It creates space between chaotic or competing thoughts. It intercepts or slows the rush of thoughts in your mind. It resonates at the core of your heart, your truest self as a sacred friend. It is a loyal steadfast companion and a source of unconditional support. That’s exactly the positive focus relationship each of us needs in our life. In the book she describes different mantras from all different religions; Buddhism, Christianity, Hindu, Aramaic, Islam, Judaism, Native American, all different mantras that have been charged with all this energy put into them over centuries. The energy of different spiritual seekers using these mantras to resonate with a certain vibration of compassion, understanding, and remembering our divine self.

One mantra is Om Mani Padme Hum. This is a Buddhist mantra that Barb defines as “behold the jewel and the lotus within.” The lotus is always used as a representation of awakening, a flowering. In spiritual circles you see the lotus referenced a lot in that way, it’s a symbol of the whole journey. It’s nice to have a simple mantra to use to help with this concept of fostering compassion and remembering in each moment.

Om Mani Padme Hum is a mantra that may be said as a prayer for all sentient beings, that they may be free of inner and outer suffering. The mantra itself encompasses all of the teachings of the Buddha in one single phrase. When you break down all of the sacred sounds and tones we can relate them to each chakra. Om, the primordial essence, creator energy, root chakra. Ma is pure ethics, awareness, second chakra. Ni, tolerance and patience, which goes along with the solar plexus and how we deal with each other in our interactions. Pad symbolizes love and compassion, the heart chakra. Me is concentration, the throat chakra. Hum, the third eye, intuition or wisdom. When you put the sounds/tones all together they form the whole, the crown chakra the totality of one through six.

In her book, the practice, Barbara talks about choosing a sacred mantra. She gives many different ones from different sacred traditions. She says to find one that resonates with you and try it for a few weeks. Try it regularly to connect with your inner peace to find your source in any moment. Any moment where you are feeling anxious, off, or something is wrong….use it. I have found that using this mantra instantly brings relaxation, lack of stress, connection and awareness. Using a sacred mantra is a simple but very powerful tool.

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