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[Transcribed from podcast #307] When you focus on the things you are grateful for it opens you to the source of all those things. What a great and beautiful concept. When I am focused on appreciation or gratitude, what am I doing? I am getting into the vibrational pull of the source from which those things emanated. Well, guess what lies at the source? Unlimited amounts of things to be grateful for. So, when you focus on those things, you are opening to the source of the things that you’re grateful, for which brings more. Deepak Chopra talks about removing the ego, which instantly puts you in touch with your spirit, your higher self. Ego: Everyone’s Greatest Obstacle, or Edging God Out. It is a barrier. Not to say that ego is bad, it’s meant to help us navigate the physical dimension. But it’s not meant to be steering the ship. Your soul, your higher self is meant to be steering the ship. What happens is it instantly removes the ego, it instantly puts you in touch with your higher self, now you’re tapped in. Not only are you tapped into the source of all the things to be grateful for, calling forth more, now your soul is helping to steer you and guide you. That’s always a good thing. Deepak also gives great recommendations like keeping a gratitude journal. Some of you may have done this, if not, consider doing it. Just jotting something down, even if it’s not in a journal. Just spending each day and taking a few moments to focus on the things you are appreciative and grateful for, this calls in more abundance.

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The highest level of gratitude is for existence itself, being grateful just as I am. It took 14 billion years of creative evolution to make you. Whenever you’re looking at yourself and thinking, “I’m too fat, I’m not smart enough, I’m too ‘this’, I can’t do ‘that’…” You are the tip of the iceberg, you are the 14 billion year product of the universe. Look at how powerful the universe is, look at how majestic, how magical, how incredibly intense it is. You are that. You are the tip of that. You are the cutting edge of that. So whenever you are thinking of yourself as small think of the Rumi quote, “We come spinning out of nothingness scattering stars like dust.” You are a star. You are literally part of a star that once lived it’s full life cycle of billions of years and then died and exploded outwards. A supernova reformed into this solar system, this planet, this you, up out of the earth. You come spinning out of nothing, a star reborn you are stardust. Deepak said, “You are stardust luminous being that has become self-aware.” Whenever you are feeling small, realize that. Whenever you’re feeling anger or judgment or resentment or not in touch with gratitude just look around. How beautiful the opportunity it is for you that you can be here now. That you are becoming more than you were before. We are all together collectively. We’re all just walking each other home. Be grateful. You are because the universe is. If you can move into that state of, “I will not judge anything that happens today.” Try that, “I’m not going to judge anything, I’m just grateful to be, period. There’s nothing I need to do.”

As Abraham says often times you’ll never get it done, you’re in eternity, and eternity is now. You’re not done. You’re still growing. You’re still expanding. It’s going to continue a zillion years from now, a zillion incarnations from now. You’ll be doing it in different ways. You’ll be at different stages of understanding and observing yourself. Expect nothing and appreciate everything. Move into that. Expect nothing, appreciate everything. You need nothing. You are a self-sufficient being. All of your worries, they are a joke to the universe that is you, that is an extended part of you. There’s nothing that can’t be done. Are you kidding? The source from which you emanate can deal with anything. So relax about it all. Relax into gratitude for what you have, appreciation for what you have, and from that place you’ll get all the things that you need. Stressing your way there is not the path. I know so many of us do that, I know I’ve done it. It’s a daily conscious effort not to do it. Here you are in this exact moment, you are feeling it, you are getting it, you are understanding. You are an expanded version of yourself. Congratulations for that! I am so grateful for you because as you expand I expand. Because you are a reflection of me and I am a reflection of you. Together we are doing this. We are touching other lives. You’re going to rub off on the person next to you whether you tell them about this podcast or you tell them about the things you’re learning, or you don’t say anything at all. Your energy, your vibration is changing them. They say some masters get to a point where they just walk into a room and people are automatically shifted because of the energetic change.  We can look at it from the scientific standpoint, you are emanating energy all around you. As you dance in these concepts, these ideas and you make them a part of your being you are affecting those around you with your field just by being there. What a powerful concept. What a powerful being you are. Be proud of yourself. Be grateful first and foremost for yourself to be doing this work. You’ve got this. We’ve got this. Continue to spread the love and gratitude.

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