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[Transcribed from podcast #305] I would say, that déjà vu is a reassurance from my higher self that I am where I need to be. When you realize that time is an illusion, it is essentially just like a TV channel that you’re tuning into. At this moment your fifth birthday party is currently going on on another channel. Your future self is also happening right now on a different channel. It just feels linear. That’s the way Source lays it out. Everything happens in the now, but without time it falls apart as quickly as it happens. Time is like the glue that gives it the sequence of events, the chronology. It gives us time to reflect on it, experience it and so forth. So for me, déjà vu is when you’re becoming aware. It’s like a future remembering, it feels really familiar, like I have done this before. Leaking through to your now to give you a different perspective. It doesn’t feel like it’s this fresh event because it’s like you have an expanded awareness about all that is and as a result it seems familiar. It could also be something that you’ve dreamed and didn’t remember. When it comes up it is familiar again. It is all the same spiral of the time continuum. We are just focused on or tuning our channel to that one station. Although there are infinite other channels to choose from, we are focused on just one. There are not only infinite channels in the past and in the future, linearly speaking, but also side to side, parallel realities. It’s about making choices. You choose your own adventure. Every time you make even the smallest decision, the other choices split off in their own reality and actually occur. Think about if we were aware of all of it simultaneously, it would blow our minds. We wouldn’t be able to handle it all, so we focus on just one channel.  

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Your life plays out at the corner where free will and destiny meet. You have the freewill to choose what you want to experience from the infinite versions of self. Our goal, of course, being able to experience the greatest and grandest version, the version that is the most rewarding. The good news is, you’ve already done it in eternity. In the timeless now. Your job becomes to get into vibrational alignment with the unfolding of that version of yourself. The more in alignment you are, then everything will fall into place. This is also when you will experience deja vu. When you’re in alignment, more is leaking in and when more is leaking in, it is because you have more of an expanded awareness. The more in alignment you are, the larger your viewpoint gets. You get a wider perspective. The more you’re letting in, the more in alignment you are with greater and grander truths. The more leakage there is from the other side, the more déjà vu, and so on ad infinitum.

As my favorite teacher Abraham points out, as you become more aware of what is going on before it manifests, the more pleasure you take in the unfolding of it. You become more aware that it’s in your vortex. It’s already happened what you choose to call forth and then it starts manifesting. It feels like I knew this, I felt it coming, I co-created it coming, look how magical this is, look how magical I Am. I am creating my reality. It makes you super pleased with yourself. You’re watching something unfold, you called it from the get-go and you played your cards right. Then it came into your reality. Often times this is where people can get hung up. They are putting something into their vortex or wanting it to unfold, but the universe will often hand you a twist in how it manifests. We allow ourselves to get bent on why, what’s wrong with us, why didn’t we get it right. Really what you’re getting is, you’ve heard the saying “you don’t always get what you want, you get what you need”. In that case, you need to learn to let go of expectations. It is a dance of putting it into the vortex, and doing what you can to see it unfold. When it unfolds you’re super pleased with yourself. When it doesn’t, the best thing you can do is to let go of the expectation. Know that you’re always getting exactly what you need. It may not be for your highest and best. Your higher self knows you may want something to manifest and you can’t see all the chess moves playing out so you think it’s good when really it’s not. Quit judging things based on what you think. Our perspective is, even though we’re expanding it, still somewhat limited, very limited compared to our higher self. It’s seeing from the vantage point that is from very zoomed out, they can see the whole board, the whole map. It can seem unfair. That’s the game we signed up for.  It is how we learn, maybe the best way to learn. We are like a primitive way of experiencing in a sense, not meaning it’s better or worse. It is  just different from the highest vibrational state where it’s all unfolding instantly and we have access to all. It is like we are dragging around these low vibration bodies, these meat coated skeletons. When you really get into the flow you begin to feel invincible and a sense of well-being. You can feel all the pieces coming to assist you. One of my favorite quotes is, “Do you want to know what my secret is? You see, I don’t mind what happens.” That is so powerful, you become invincible when you are moving to this place of I don’t mind what happens. I know it’s always for my greater good. I just have ideas but really my perspective is somewhat limited. When I see my ideas manifest the way I envision them and call them forth, I know I’m really getting in greater and greater alignment and I feel proud of that fact and it makes it fun. I’m not going to beat myself up when there are differences when the expectations aren’t met.

The universe is always looking out for us. I know I’m taken care of, I can relax knowing that the universe wouldn’t let you miss anything.  There are so many ways to get where we want to be. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you’ve made, you can make a thousand and one mistakes on a thousand and two you’re gonna get it right. I don’t care if you’re 68 years old, 73 years old, a hundred and 73 years old, it doesn’t matter. Bring that childlike part of yourself, that eternal child that you are at your core. Bring it forward. Bring it into this moment and know that you are never too late to get it right, to have your dream become more dreamy. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you’ve made. The fact is, you’re still in it. You’re in eternity, it doesn’t matter, you’re never too late. You are never going to run out of chances to get it right. In this life, the next life, a billion years from now you can make up a billion years worth of getting it wrong and on the billion and first year you finally get it right, it’s a drop in the bucket in eternity. Jesus said, ”lest you become like a child you can’t enter the kingdom of heaven.” That kingdom of heaven is now. This state of being in that childlike awe and wonder. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve missed. You can’t ultimately miss the boat. The greatest lie of all time is “too late for me I missed the boat”  Nope. That’s just a wrong thought and a misunderstanding about what is truly going on here. You can’t miss.  It’s the great cosmic laugh. If you can bring that awareness to your life right now you will totally change course. If you have been defeated, run down, or tired, it happens to many. Resuscitate yourself with awareness and perspective and true understanding of the nature of the reality in which you find yourself. Remember, someone is always looking out for you, the universe always has your back. Always and all ways. The more you can remember that, the easier life is, the easier it is to listen to your guidance and experience being in the vortex.  It is a magical world we live in, deja vu, dreams, to reality. I love you all. I’m so thankful to be awakening in this dream and finding you all here.


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