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[Transcribed from podcast #304] There are many different kinds of dreams. Each associated with a feeling of it’s own, which varies for each individual. The most common are symbolic dreams. These are the ones that are confusing. They are a way for our higher self to communicate messages. Prophetic dreams can tell you what is going to happen in the future, but are sometimes hard to distinguish from symbolic dreams. The visitation dreams, where you visit with loved ones, almost have a sense of awareness that it is happening in another level or dimension.

It definitely rings true for me what I’ve heard Eben Alexander (and others) share from his experience on the other side, that we are all soul-family/soul-group and come together with our soul-family/soul-group when we cross back over. We bring back whatever lessons that we individually learned and we contribute them to the whole. So we all benefit from one another. That’s a pretty interesting concept.

The concept of sitting with your counsel soul family to plan your soul contracts prior to incarnating in the physical dimension is an interesting one to consider as well. The idea that you plan all the interplay that can happen with other souls in the dream that is your physical life. They say even people who are still alive at the time will be there in spirit to help make those plans.

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Which makes sense if it is eternally now and from the spiritual dimension there is no time, that a part of us is here and there simultaneously. So what that would mean, is if your grandmother passes when you’re just a kid, your soul is there waiting for her because your soul is in eternity. That’s enough to make your mind melt thinking about that.

This is supposedly another thing our soul does when we are sleeping. We go to check in with our soul family, help others transition, or maybe even attend spiritual schooling of some kind.

A great way to work with and learn from our dreams is by keeping a dream journal. Write them down as soon as you awaken. It’s like co-creating and participating in that way. Set your intention to remember your dreams and ask for help.

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” ~ Edgar Allen Poe

The concept of dreaming is that it’s all sort of like the nested Russian dolls. Our reality is fractals. From my perspective we are God dreaming right now. We are the dreamer and the dream rolled into one. This is how God experiences herself. It’s all nested. When you dream at night you’re dreaming within the dream which, who knows how deep it goes. It’s kind of like the concept of this physical dimension is a reflection of the spiritual dimension. What would you see? We see repeating fractals. The atoms and particles spinning around the nucleus is the same as the solar system which is a part of a bigger system which is a part of a bigger system. They just realized there’s 10 times more galaxies than they ever thought there was a month ago, it’s like it doesn’t end. And then there’s the concept of the multiverse. So it’s just this nested dream reality, so we’re in a dream right now. This whole thing is just a dream, it’s just a very vivid lucid dream. But at the end of the day, you’re hearing me, if you’re looking around right now everything you’re seeing is light projections. It’s the projection. It’s holographic in nature, the whole reality. We are in the dream right now talking about dreams and then we’ll go to sleep at night. We’ll have another dream within the dream. It will make your mind melt for sure.

The beautiful thing about realizing it’s all a dream is that you’re the dreamer and the dream. You’re the base reality from which it all projects. When you understand that piece, that’s what we’re always talking about on the show. When you have the power to wake up in your dream, to become lucid in this layer. This layer of the onion which is what we call waking reality. But really how many people are sleepwalking in that reality? They’re walking around, not remembering that they come from the spiritual plane, another level. That they are the creator of this whole projection of this whole dream and that’s really what the main goal is.

I’ve had, in the past, trouble becoming lucid at night. In the future I’ll change that. But, in this waking state I’m very lucid. I am aware that I am literally the source that created this whole reality. It’s all me everywhere I go, I’m there waiting for myself, when you understand and really get that, that’s when you start controlling the dream. You become lucid, you can make magic happen. You can do all things. It’s just reflections. This concept of lucid dreaming is the exact same power you can have when you become lucid about your divinity in this waking 3D life.

I’ll leave you waiting to see what what path down the rabbit hole we go on next, but as always thank you and I love you dreamers very much…

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