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[Transcribed from podcast ep. #223] It’s so easy in these times to get so complicated with our lives, and to (get) so caught up in the race, so to speak—and all these ideas and comparisons, strivings to make something of ourselves, to (have) some status, climb the social ladder, so to speak…

I believe this is one of the biggest mistakes that people make: it’s getting caught up trying to get somewhere, to become something other than what they already are. I know I’ve certainly had to learn some lessons, and continue to learn lessons in regards to this subject, so it really resonates very, very strongly with me, to remember to keep it really, really simple.

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I think back to Wayne Dyer, many years ago, talking about getting rid of almost everything he owned, how hard it was for him to do that, but then the freedom that came from it—and how wonderful he felt not having that baggage tying him down… you know, keep it simple. Why do we feel the need to overcomplicate? I think one of the reasons we feel the need to overcomplicate is (that) we have a society that’s constantly putting in our face products that we need to consume and things we need to do—look like this model and own this car; all this capitalist consumerism culture that’s just out of control.

I encourage everyone to take a deep breath and just relax into the idea that just simply being you is enough: you have already made it. Just to be here, just to go through the things that you’ve been through, and to have the wonderful outlook and attitude, and still be getting up striving to become the best that you can be. You are a success, so simply be with that.

Find simple pleasures; the simple things, that’s where it’s at. It’s always the simple things. I believe, when we are on our deathbed, no one’s going to be thinking about, “did I strive and bust my butt really hard to have that fancy car? I’m gonna miss that car!” It’s not what you’re thinking… you’re thinking of those simple moments with family and friends. Create experiences over stuff all day long; create those experiences for yourself and find joy in the simple moments because they are always fleeting.

I’m such a nostalgic person myself, and I don’t necessary think that’s the best thing—it’s almost like I appreciate things after they’ve passed more than when they’re there. That’s something that I’m really trying to focus my attention on: being in the now and finding the simple pleasures in these moments, realizing that they’re all transient, they’re always passing, fleeting. It’s a special moment, each moment that won’t come back.

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Brandon Beachum
Brandon is the creator of Positive Head and is the host of the Positive Head weekly podcast. When he’s not off traveling or camping at a transformational festival, he resides in Costa Mesa, CA. His passions include discussing the ultimate nature of reality, pursuing unique entrepreneurial ventures, making music and writing. His dream is to help expand consciousness as far and wide as possible by helping people to awaken to the realization that we are all literally one with source/god/the universe, as well as with each other. He often elaborates on this concept that separation is an illusion and is fond of saying, “all is literally one… act accordingly”!