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[Transcribed from podcast #204] I chose this quote today because, as I mentioned at the top of the show, I recently did an ayahuasca journey and what came up for me has come up most of the times—I’ve done five of these—is fears; unrealistic fears, things that are sort of under the surface in myself that need to be processed.

This time it really struck home for me: “okay, these fears keep coming up”—and they’re irrational sorts of fears (which) are only coming up when I’m in this altered state… for the most part; not that I don’t have fears in waking, normal consciousness, but way way less, not nearly as often. Yet when I use the medicine ayahuasca, a lot of times these fears will bubble up, and they’re these unrealistic fears… where are they coming from? What is (this all) about..?

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This last time it really… sort of, almost in frustration, (thought) “Ah, this again! How do I get to the root of it?” And what I realized is, a lot of times what I’ve been doing on all my journeys is, when these fears would come up, I’m sort of running from them; the ego wants to… typically what we do is lay down and go within for the first few hours of the journey after taking the medicine, and instantly I find myself—I realize I’m running when these things bubble up, because they’re so realistic when you’re in this state; you feel like sort of these things are really going to play out, or are playing out and there’s danger… so for me, what I really came away with this last time is, “Confront your fears, don’t run from them—that’s how you transcend them.” After running from them in these states I realized, “that’s what I’ve been doing…” If I run from them, I stay there, I linger there; they’re still there to be processed.

Of course, this is a little different than what Yoda is talking about here; (that) fear can ultimately lead to suffering. Well, it can lead to darkness, it can lead to anger, it can lead to hate, it can lead to suffering—but if you’re running from your fears, you’re automatically in suffering. And so I would recommend that everyone who… next time something that is really fearful comes up—and you don’t need to be on a plant medicine like ayahuasca to experience this, of course; that’s just what I’m referencing—next time a fear comes up, notice what you do. Is there some diversion tactic? Are you trying to run from it, escape it—dodge it? I would recommend trying something different: I would recommend going within and exploring it fully; invite it in…okay, you’re bubbling up, this fear? Let’s explore this fully, let’s not dodge this anymore. Bring it—bring me all experience; I’m going to move into it completely and see where it goes.

What I believe you’ll see—where it goes—is, you move you through it: you may experience even vivid imagery of awful things happening, or even the fear may increase, but think of it like this: by bringing that courage to it… you know, F.E.A.R.: “Forget Everything And Run”, or “Face Everything And Rise”—if you face everything and rise, this is how you move through it. The fear, (this) lump of coal, turns into a diamond when you move through it. I know for myself, this is something I intend: my next journey is, I am going to face everything and rise; I’m going to move through it. Bring it! And, of course, it’s very intense when you’re on a plant medicine; you can have vivid imagery, like it’s happening; you can have all those things…

So I encourage all of us to learn from this… that was my takeaway from my last journey: do not run from the fear. Stop running from your fears; instead, sit down with them, be with them, invite them in. Close your eyes, put a blinder over yourself, put on some soft music and go into them, next time they arise—and see where that takes you for once: you’ve been running your whole life, and running is what keeps them there, I firmly believe.

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