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[Transcribed from podcast ep. #200] This quote is very, very popular; many of you have probably seen it because it is such a powerful, impactful truth about our place and time in evolution on this planet. So many people strive for power and control, and it means so much to them: they don’t realize that love is the ultimate form of power. If you let go of having, needing or wanting power, that’s really the key to getting anything!

Inspiring Five Year-Old Magician Shocks the Crowd with Real Magic!

A five year-old magician goes to the beach to spread his message of positivity… his first trick is cute… but his second feat of “real magic” stuns and delights everyone!

So many people working so hard and trying to manipulate to get power—”How do I get power—how do I become more in control? Releasing all those needs and focusing on “How do I serve? How do I love? How do I move more fully into the vibrational pull of love?” is where all authentic power comes from.

This is something that I believe we all need to remind ourselves of regularly; it’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day rat race of this life, status and so forth—and the ultimate status is being a giver, being unconditionally loving—if we achieve that state, any moment that we achieve that state, we are the most powerful being in the Cosmos, or as powerful as any being in the Cosmos, because it’s the ultimate, highest peak vibration.

And what is the point of it all? To have the highest, most profound peak vibration and experience that we can; that is the reason for living. So when you move into this space of unconditional love, acceptance and non-judgment, you have found the ultimate success: you are the most successful being, and as successful as any being can be—and any other power outside of that becomes very… I don’t know, minuscule in comparison; it just doesn’t hold up…

So, if we can all just start focusing regularly—every day, circling it—of course, that’s what this show is all about; it is a daily, conscious effort to focus on this… there’s so many distractions, so many things coming at us; so many reasons to judge or be angry, hate or get out of sync with this unconditionally loving vibration… but the power of all things is moving back, stepping back, into a state of love and acceptance; allowance of what is happening, and non-resistance.

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Brandon Beachum
Brandon is the creator of Positive Head and is the host of the Positive Head weekly podcast. When he’s not off traveling or camping at a transformational festival, he resides in Costa Mesa, CA. His passions include discussing the ultimate nature of reality, pursuing unique entrepreneurial ventures, making music and writing. His dream is to help expand consciousness as far and wide as possible by helping people to awaken to the realization that we are all literally one with source/god/the universe, as well as with each other. He often elaborates on this concept that separation is an illusion and is fond of saying, “all is literally one… act accordingly”!