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[Transcribed from podcast episode #190] This quote hit me very impactfully; it’s such a powerful truth, I believe—the love that you withhold is equivalent to the pain that you carry. We’re all holding back; I can think of myself and it’s something that I have experienced in my own life, in relationships—particularly with people really close to me, romantic relationships, relationships with my mother—relationships with people that I care so deeply for… but then I find myself holding back, withholding…

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How often I’ve had, with a lover or past partner where, after they’re gone, then I really appreciate them. There’s a pop song that I’ve heard multiple times; it comes on any time you’re in public (laughs) and it’s “Let (it) go”, and I forget who the artist is but this is exactly what the lyrics are all about: the whole premise of the song (is), you appreciate the sun when it starts to snow; you appreciate home when you’re on the road… you appreciate what you have when you don’t have it.

We find ourselves withholding love from people… nothing is guaranteed in this life: you don’t know how long you have with your mother, your child, your friend, your lover. It changes—think back; look back how, in a blink of an eye, things can change… we’ve all had some sort of an experience (like this) and I would challenge anyone listening to this to find that love within themselves that they’re withholding.

Rumi said it so eloquently as well: “Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” We have these barriers; we have these obstacles… we find ourselves feeling cut off from the ones that we love, and sort of numbing ourselves—and oftentimes I believe it’s because we’re scared. We’re scared to love fully; we’re scared to open up fully. We’ve been hurt; we don’t want to get hurt again… How do I guard myself? How do I put a cage around my heart—how do protect against being harmed, being hurt?

What I’ve found is, the only thing to do is to rip open that cage; rip open your heart: allow it to be stomped a million times if that’s what it takes to get to that millionth-and-one time when it actually delivers everything that you wanted it to deliver. The pain is even part of the love; it’s sort of like a yin and yang relationship.

Just understanding that releasing whatever is holding you back is the key to fully having the experience on the level that you wish to experience; we all want the deepest, most profound love possible. Well, the way to start doing that is to stop withholding any love that you have in yourself. What you’re going to receive is what you’re gonna give, so if you want more love, give more love away.

Stop withholding love, especially to those that mean so much to you, because you’re never guaranteed the opportunity, at least in this life, (of) the next moment… stop withholding love and realize that oftentimes it’s fear in yourself (which is) the reason that you’re withholding it, and confront this problem. Don’t bury it deep down; that’s something that I’ve done before, it’s just sort of like… on one hand, this very loving person; on another hand, I can cut myself off completely (from) giving love to those closest to me. I am now so aware of that, and trying to be so aware of (it)—and to bring presence to that when I’m feeling cut off—the love stream seems to have dried up; I’m literally taking deep breaths and trying to move into that more loving state, and to consciously drum up the love vibration that I have cut myself off from. It’s definitely making a difference in my world, (as well as) not needing to be right in an argument; feeling open and loving to the person… these are all steps on the path to becoming the next greatest and grandest version of ourselves.

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