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[Transcribed from podcast #187] How many of us are living our lives from the perspective of, “I’ve got to get it in now. Whatever I’m doing, I gotta do before I die, or else it’s all over. All is lost; this is all I’ve got…”? Time, right? “I’ve only got so much time…”

When you understand that you’re an eternal being—you always have been and you always will be; change is guaranteed—everything that you grow and learn from in this “Earth school”, this 3-D reality, you take with you. It’s a very empowering concept: you start to live as if… “ah, I’m an eternal being; time is irrelevant—I will always be, and whatever I gain or go through; grow through, becomes a part of me and I never lose it. My body may die, but the consciousness which animates this body is eternal; it moves on and carries all the lessons and growth from it.

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It becomes such an empowering standpoint, viewpoint to understand this and really take it into your being; really sit with that for a moment. Now you can think, “my physical body is going to die at some point so I’m gonna live it to the fullest. I’m gonna live as if this body was gone tomorrow—but whatever I’m learning, I’m taking with me.” It’s never too late to start learning whatever it is you want to start learning. How often I hear, “oh, it’s too late for me; I’m too old”… it’s like, are you kidding me?! Standing before you is eternity (laughs); infinite expanse! A billion years from now, you won’t have made a dent, right? When you start to understand that and live from that perspective, all the hurry, worry, (the) bustle that is so predominant in our society becomes sort of a joke! And a joke in a good way… so just take a deep breath, relax—you are a spiritual being having a human experience; not a human being trying to have a spiritual experience.

This is just one fragment of who and what you are; this is one avatar that you took on in the eternal “Now-ness” of…. it’s beyond comprehension, right? Our brain starts melting, I’m reaching for words but can’t find them—how do you explain eternity? One of the things that people are doing also: they’re living as if this is it (and) it’s too late, there’s time crunch… then they’re also looking externally, outside of themselves, for the Divine. Osho said a quote that I absolutely love: “Don’t look for God in the sky. Look within your own body.” This is another piece of the puzzle, right? It’s not out there; you ARE that Eternal Being; you ARE that never-ending source that created all things. It’s not out there sitting on a throne waiting to judge you, or needing to be worship in some egoic, jealous concept that has been presented to us. It is within you, you are it.

It is waiting for you to look within and remember that you are this Divine Spark; you are a chip off the block. You may be a small chip when you look at how grand it is, but the whole is contained within the drop that is you. That’s such an important piece to understand: you are a fractal of the source that created all things. As a result, it is all residing inside of you…

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Brandon Beachum
Brandon is the creator of Positive Head and is the host of the Positive Head weekly podcast. When he’s not off traveling or camping at a transformational festival, he resides in Costa Mesa, CA. His passions include discussing the ultimate nature of reality, pursuing unique entrepreneurial ventures, making music and writing. His dream is to help expand consciousness as far and wide as possible by helping people to awaken to the realization that we are all literally one with source/god/the universe, as well as with each other. He often elaborates on this concept that separation is an illusion and is fond of saying, “all is literally one… act accordingly”!

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