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[Transcribed from podcast #184]

I love, love, love this quote because, how often in our society our mental, brain-based intelligence measuring-society, do we look at someone and say, “oh, what’s your GPA?” “What’s the job title that you have?” “How intelligent are you, what’s your background—what do you know…?”

We’ve really lost ourselves as a society, as a culture, in this—what we refer to as “high intelligence”—and intelligence without heart is no intelligence at all, in my opinion… it’s knowledge, it’s data, but when you inject heart into the equation, you bring the tie that binds, the thing that it’s all about—it’s all about how much love-centered focus; how much are you taking into account how what you’re thinking is affecting others? How what you’re planning to do will affect others?

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The biggest problem with a lot of the corporations on the planet that are running the planet, essentially—the “corporatocracy” that essentially is in place on this planet, that is destroying the planet… (it) is all about, “How smart can we be to make more profit and create more stuff?” But there’s no heart in it; there’s no heart in the decision, how is it going to affect others? How is it going to affect the planet that is our mother—our Mother Earth that is supplying all of life?

It’s so key, I believe, to start focusing—and give yourself a break: I don’t care what kind of grades you made; I don’t care how much you know from a data standpoint? That doesn’t really impress me that much… it shouldn’t impress you that much. What should impress you is people who are heart-centered; people who are coming from a place of love, positive intention—really concerned about how they’re going to impact and affect others.

It’s sort of moving from… you hear about “I.Q.”, intelligence quotient versus “E.Q.,” emotional quotient. You really want to get in touch with the heart, move into the heart-space—we’ve had a lot of discussions about that in various podcasts, and interviewing Deborah Rozman from Heartmath Institute—it’s such an important thing that is thankfully being addressed more and more among people all around the world: understanding that, “hold on, maybe it’s not about how much smarts I have, it’s about how much heart I have—how heart-centered I am.”

I know, when you move into a place of heart, when you’re asking for questions or guidance, looking for the answer—take deep breaths, move into your heart, then decide from that space. Not just from in between your ears. This is a transition that changes everything about the way you live your life; you become heart-centered and heart-focused, and what reflects back to you? Heart-centered, heart-focused experiences. Truly what we all seek.

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Brandon Beachum
Brandon is the creator of Positive Head and is the host of the Positive Head weekly podcast. When he’s not off traveling or camping at a transformational festival, he resides in Costa Mesa, CA. His passions include discussing the ultimate nature of reality, pursuing unique entrepreneurial ventures, making music and writing. His dream is to help expand consciousness as far and wide as possible by helping people to awaken to the realization that we are all literally one with source/god/the universe, as well as with each other. He often elaborates on this concept that separation is an illusion and is fond of saying, “all is literally one… act accordingly”!

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