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[Transcribed from podcast ep. #180] I love this quote because, when you really understand who and what you are… essentially, when a scientist is studying the atom, it is a group of atoms studying itself (laughs). When we’re gazing back into the Cosmos, and we are trying to understand how stars work and how the Universe functions, and the order that is out there in this beautiful, vast Cosmos—we’re actually the Universe gazing back upon itself.

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You’re made of stardust; the atoms that make up your body are from a star that once lived out a life-cycle of billions of years, from infancy to young “starhood” to old starhood, to death, to re-formation as you, now living—the Universe living itself out, studying itself, trying to come to know itself. That’s what’s happening.

To match the heartbeat of the Universe makes all the sense in the world… you are one with that Universe, and you are one with all things, so the abundance that you see when you look out into the Universe—that’s a part of what you are. Whenever you think you’re small or insignificant, understand that you are one with the abundance that created all things; you are literally a divine spark that has unlimited access to everything that you could ever seek or desire; it’s all waiting within you to be uncovered, to be unlocked.

This is the game that the Universe plays with itself: it puts itself in this small container and experiences limitation and lack, only to find the truth—the cosmic joke, the cosmic giggle is, you are the vast, powerful, abundant divine force, consciousness, that is behind it all. And when you start tapping into that power, there is no stopping you… when you understand that what you give to others you’re giving to yourself, because it’s always an extension, an expression of Self, this is the turning point, and this is the point where you realize lack is a joke…

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Brandon Beachum
Brandon is the creator of Positive Head and is the host of the Positive Head weekly podcast. When he’s not off traveling or camping at a transformational festival, he resides in Costa Mesa, CA. His passions include discussing the ultimate nature of reality, pursuing unique entrepreneurial ventures, making music and writing. His dream is to help expand consciousness as far and wide as possible by helping people to awaken to the realization that we are all literally one with source/god/the universe, as well as with each other. He often elaborates on this concept that separation is an illusion and is fond of saying, “all is literally one… act accordingly”!

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