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It is my personal understanding that there is an additional dimension to the concept of the unknown, the “dark” referenced in the quote above. We tend to associate the unknown with anxiety, with fear, and darkness is certainly the antithesis to light according to the classic paradigm—but what if there is an inherently creative, powerful and mysterious quality to the dark? What if the darkness represents unmanifested possibility?

Imagine that the light is information—it’s my understanding that this is the case. Each photon carries a binary bit that can be encoded in at least a single way, having a yes/no state or a zero-one charge… that is really not such a radical concept, especially not to us in the 21st century since our digital age is essentially that: using electrons and photons to and transmit encode information. But what about the empty space that holds all the particles; the medium through which they travel…? What about the infinite darkness that contains all the light? I think the darkness is the primordial womb: something akin to the subconscious, but it is also meta-conscious somehow… pre-conscious, post-conscious and so on. The unknown is a slush or ooze of all probabilities, melted into their most primordial, elemental state, undefined, formless—or clothed with rapidly-changing, unconventional forms.

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The darkness is the very essence of mystery… it’s the void from whence God came; that which holds space for us all. Perhaps associations with fearful states, with anxiety regarding the unknown, are justified to a degree: that which the mind can barely behold without straining mightily, against its own limits and its dearest understandings, ought to produce some agitation. The dark is indeed a bit scary… until you realize what your role is relative to it. We are lights… that is who and what we are, and we command the powers of the light to the utmost extent! We are information… we do not need to even try to acquire it; it just streams and flows in and through everything, forever evolving and expanding. But, again, the information exists in contrast to something that cannot even be said to be a thing… that which Daoists seek to understand as the Dao, the Way that is not the Way when you have given it a name.

This is why the darkness is ultimately our friend… it truly is our mother, the womb from whence we came, and the end of the tunnel toward which we inexorably march. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel, but keep going past the light and eventually you will find the dark again. It’s in the nature of this Universe… the interplay, the dance between the two, is the elemental dance that keeps everything else spinning.

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