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I think there is always need for a reminder about the lighter side of life, the fact that laughter and joy can really be the best medicine so often… I am reminded daily of the fact that our species is, unfortunately, afflicted with a sort of collective mental illness that infects virtually all. It is acute and severe in some more than others; it flares up at times and recedes into dormancy by turns… but it is always there somewhere, the “pain body” as Eckhart Tolle has named it.

Inspiring Five Year-Old Magician Shocks the Crowd with Real Magic!

A five year-old magician goes to the beach to spread his message of positivity… his first trick is cute… but his second feat of “real magic” stuns and delights everyone!

The vibratory, energetic frequency of playtime, of laughter and uplifting joy is unmistakeable, I think—and it is definitely one that is life-enhancing and nurturing. To be sure, too much of any one thing can be counterproductive, but because we are all afflicted with the collective “pain body” of humanity, I think we can all use often reminders that life was not really meant to be taken all that seriously. Or perhaps the one thing that we were not meant to take as seriously as we do is ourselves—a task much difficult to accomplish when the illusion of fear comes at you, when life’s trials close in, fangs and claws bared. Who can remain “present” and even smile in the midst of great peril?

But how much of what we fear is actual danger? We are famously prone to exaggerate, to magnify trivial things and make a really big deal out of things that are ultimately inconsequential. It is political season here in the US; there is a presidential election looming which (rightfully) commands everyone’s attention, at least momentarily, and unfortunately one side effect that’s become all too common, an effect that is almost the main attraction now and not some secondary consequence, is the great animosity and anxiety that many feel… animosity towards each other and anxiety about the future. We turn towards the very people we need to accept.. Perhaps not embrace, not bring into our homes: sometimes an indirect acknowledgement of someone else’s simple right to exist is enough. We needn’t agree with or condone of others’ actions and opinions to afford them basic respect as human beings.

And why should any of this even matter? As I recently recounted on a daily podcast episode, the illusion of separation between us can be so strong that some can never really bridge the divide in any meaningful way, and so always project onto others what they dislike in themselves; they blame and fear, antagonize and manipulate… but it always comes back down to ourselves. It all begins and ends with you—don’t concern yourself too much with what others do. Don’t take others too seriously… don’t fall into the trap of taking yourself too seriously either. None of this was meant to feel heavy, constricting, self-important… this experience was not designed to be loaded with anxiety and needless complexity. It only allows for those possibilities so that an alternative to an easygoing, natural flow could be experienced.

That experience of going with the flow, of flowing easy with the natural rhythm of life is available to you and to everyone. It begins with stillness, with levity, with a perception of one’s breath… it starts with a glint in the eye, a rustling of leaves or strands of hair. Relinquish your resistance… life wants you to play, to feel great and to feel easy.

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