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I really enjoyed seeing this quote and felt instantly inspired by it because it reminds me of one thing: we are all, each of us, responsible for his or her own inner state, for our individual collection of beliefs—and we definitely have to examine them carefully, for it is common to have picked beliefs along the way that never really belonged to us in the first place. This is a process that’s natural in my opinion, though perhaps not the optimum way to operate; it is the best way that a race still struggling with unconsciousness can evolve and learn…

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If perhaps we were already a highly-evolved species, these quotes and reminders wouldn’t exist: they do exist already, in a myriad unspoken little ways each day, but it’s not always necessarily to clothe them in words and explain them. To an evolved being, holding beliefs that “insult their soul” is the hallmark of unconsciousness—but we harbor those, and again we do so largely unconsciously… if we are impatient with ourselves or others, for example. The ego gets irritated but to the soul, the ego’s concerns are often petty…

Whenever we raise our voices, afraid we won’t be heard or needing to make our ideas, our feelings prevail over those of others, we are in discord with what our soul truly believes. It understands that no one is truly in opposition to us, though their egos may believe that they are—what their egos forget is what our souls remember: that we all agreed to do this before birth, that we understood we would encounter our foil, our “opponents” ready to confront us… just so we could learn to see through the illusion and offer our opponents peace. If they don’t, can’t accept the peace offering, we release them lovingly—and we understand. There is no need for discord.

It is only natural that we would often forget at this stage in our collective evolution; the pull of the senses, of maya, the illusion, is still strong… we cannot yet discern the full impact of our unconsciousness so we allow these unexamined beliefs, these offending beliefs, to fester… we still seem to think that we are justified because others, out there somewhere, are being or doing things that we agree with or we disagree with—and so we react. We offer behavior that is self-destructive, all to appease others… we surrender our personal power to outdated belief systems external to us in order to trade our freedom for a false sense of security, of belonging. All to gain the acceptance of others. Or we lash out in anger, blaming others for all the world’s troubles, ours in particular… we seize upon a particular group, a sect or a demographic and single them out for blame. We have enslaved ourselves to the other we “hate,” but we don’t see it… we hate a part of ourselves and can’t accept it, so we project it outwardly.

The soul is a very gentle, subtle part of our being so its voice is usually drowned out by the cacophony of an ego’s discordant perceptions. That is alright… the soul patiently waits for the individual to want to hear its voice too. This process of evolution we’re engaged in, it appears to be so painfully slow (at least from our vantage point!) that until a higher consciousness takes root within us, we must lose our conscious awareness every day, or every night during our sleep, and willfully reclaim it the next day. We must make this effort if no other effort is made, to try and discern if our beliefs are truly our own… we cannot assume that all we think and feel is the whole story. There is always more… there are also things we used to know, that we have now forgotten. We have to make the effort to examine ourselves and remember what is most precious to us.

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