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Doesn’t it just drive you crazy when people tell you to not take things personally? How can you NOT?! Right? I mean, when someone says or does something TO you, how can you NOT take it personally?!

I’ve been playing around with this concept for a while now, and I’ve found that it holds great power. Certainly, on the surface, our personal interactions can only be seen as that—personal. Someone says something to us, and we interpret it personally. However, what people really mean when they advise not taking something personally is to NOT make it be about your worth. Whoa! That’s the golden nugget here!

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How often, when we interact with someone, are we unconsciously or subconsciously seeking either validation, approval or acceptance? We put our very worth on the table every single time—as if this other person has the power to grant or deny our worth. In essence, that IS the very power that we’ve given them. But we don’t have to. We need not hand over that power in each and every interaction. In fact, when we stop to consider it, that’s a fairly ludicrous idea to begin with. Why would we hand over the determination of our worth to anyone else? Well, why would we even question our worth in the first place?

So there’s the rub underlying this quote. If we aren’t questioning our worth in the first place, isn’t it, in fact, very easy to not take what someone says or does personally at all? When we stand confident in our own value, our own worth, we realize that others’ choices are driven by their own inner conflicts, wounds and decisions. When someone acts hurtfully towards us, if our worth is safely out of reach, we can see the action for what it truly is—a cry for help, love and acceptance from someone who themselves is hurting painfully. It’s amazing how detached we are able to become when we no longer question our own worth.

There is great power in removing our worth from the outcome of any interaction. When we know who we are, when we value ourselves intrinsically, we no longer need to seek that validation, approval or acceptance from random interactions. We cultivate that knowing within ourselves, and we hold it sacred. For truly, our worth IS sacred, untouchable, and unquestionable. Are you willing to know yourself with that kind of conviction? I am.

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Sue Krebs
Sue Krebs combines years of academic study, intuitive skills and personal passion to help you bridge the gap between life as a physical being and your true spiritual nature. She delivers messages from your Soul in a loving, compassionate and non-judgmental style through Akashic Record Readings. When you’re ready to begin living in alignment with the highest version of yourself, Sue has the tools and the expertise to help you achieve that desire. Contact her at sue@soulspeaking.net for more information or to schedule a reading.

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