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Could this promise really be true after all? As a species it’s been part of our myths and our subconscious history from the dawn of time, that we are created in the image and likeness of our own Creator; that we are imbued with a kind of divinity, indwelling within every human heart, regardless of the outer appearance or temporary manifestation of that person.

Yes, this is what the quote speaks of, but we have been conflicted about that power: the divinely-bestowed power to create. The essential trait we share with the Creator: we are all creators as well, mini-Gods and Goddesses in reality, smaller versions of the Whole and with all the same essential characteristics as the All. Our holy texts and our religious doctrines say this is true, but… But! There are some caveats added, some additional clauses that supposedly come with our power—commandments to obey, lest we are damned for misusing this divine gift. There are some generalities that our myths and stories get right, but other details are twisted or misinterpreted to deleterious effect.

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We seem to insist on wanting to regulate each other’s behavior by saying that there is a divine code of ethics to adhere to. We don’t yet understand that there is no ultimate morality and the simple and effective way to sort out questions of ethics is awareness: if we think we are separate, we may become selfish, petty, violent. But we remain divine creators nonetheless—can we really be called “divine creators” if we don’t have the power to create ourselves as lesser versions of ourselves? If we are mini-gods and goddesses with amnesia, couldn’t we orchestrate our own “fall from grace” and become lost in this illusion, this earthly drama where we try to impose order upon each other, we project characteristics onto each other, we expect or demand things of each other…

But that’s not our true power. We didn’t come here to control each and every tiny detail of our lives like that… the movie “Bruce Almighty” comes to mind, and others like it. We didn’t come here to make each other conform to our passing whims and fancies; we came here to master our own vibration, our own personal frequency… maybe so that we could go on to become creators on an even grander scale, elsewhere in the Universe! I have heard such ideas before and I resonate with that concept: that a sentient creative being exists for a “time” during their overall existence as human beings; this is a quintessentially challenging spiritual trial to master, life on Earth… but the rewards are potentially great: accelerated evolution, profound self-realization and the opportunity to co-create and participate in the exciting goings-on of our planet. They are exciting, I think, even though we may all endure times and trials that seem less exciting and more frightening.

Let’s make no mistake about it though: if we are truly divinely-imbued creators then we cannot be ultimately harmed or destroyed or enslaved. Our essence remains forever untainted, even if our human incarnations “stray far” from their path—it may seem so, but do they really? Do we ever really stray when the final and essential purpose of the enterprise is being met? We all get what we create in the end, for better or for worse and in the end it’s always for the better because “worse” is relative and temporary. The net result is always experience, knowledge… even wisdom eventually, though perhaps after many human lifetimes.

I liked this quote because it seemed to have a religious connotation, but to me it also had a very obvious spiritual and metaphysical dimension as well. We are God, we are the Goddess, and it is not blasphemy to say so. It is not error to see ourselves as essentially the same as the Original Source. We need not fear our power as we have done throughout our history; we need not fear even the misuse of our power, for that has already happened.

Awareness is the key—with awareness, compassion and unconditional love, we find our way back onto the path. Or maybe we realize that we have always been walking the path, but now that we know this consciously we can walk with grace and beauty, with joy and peace.

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