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I like this quote because it makes me think of one thing that has proven to be true, at least in my own experience: life is made up of both the sweet and the sour, the so-called good and bad, and both have important functions to play in the grand scheme—both have great power and wisdom to impart if we are capable of integrating them into our understanding.

I suppose that it is possible for human beings to live in a way that is largely free of debilitating mental patterns or emotional turbulence, and I suspect that a number of people on the planet live this way and perhaps are part of a small society or culture that has managed to subsist this way over time, maybe centuries… the reality, however, is that at least on the surface human history is the story of a species tainted by violence, deception and deep unconsciousness. In this technologically-advanced but still spiritually impoverished society that we currently live in, the collective dysfunction and lack of inner well-being is finally appearing to be reaching a sort of critical stage, fueled by an inevitable and growing awareness that causes us to both recoil and finally react in many cases.

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I think that our species is finally starting to collectively wake up to certain facts about life, about this Universe we inhabit, including such insights as the fact that this Universe is incredible, fascinating and wondrous but it appears to have a side that is very impersonal, even coldly detached! These aspects manifest in a way that is almost brutal at times, but I think that a keen awareness would yield insight into another fact: there is always precisely the opposite, an intensely passionate force that connects all things, a force that is intelligent and supports all beings in everything they seek to do—again in a sort of non-judgmental, detached way. Ultimately the creative consciousness, the prime creative force, is truly unattached to passing forms—and our lives likewise become easier when we learn to embody this truth. We can hold onto things for dear life, or we can let go of them for dear life… there is more than a simple play on words behind this idea.

The darkness that seemingly tainted this race as a sort of “original sin” can be understood in terms that have been expressed already, in our own stories and cultural myths. Light begets darkness and darkness precedes light; we may have always been destined to experience this “fall from grace,” in one way or another, in virtually every alternate version of reality… or maybe not, but I think it makes sense: like every pleasure contains the seed of a future pain, the light will always be accompanied by darkness. It’s just that we have greatly misunderstood the true nature of that darkness… we have thought of the complementary opposites as simply warring opposites, as intrinsically opposing forces, instead of the creatively contrasting forces that give birth to so much (everything?) through the tension of their balanced opposition. And they are always ultimately balanced—even though the balance manifests as imbalance on a temporal scale; waves that rise and fall, swinging from one pole to the other.

During the course of my writing this blog, I heard a clip where Alan Watts talked about certain things that resonated a lot with my thoughts on this subject… he spoke about how we often act as if we have a compulsive need to impose order upon chaos, or how we at the very least feel a need to declare well-intentioned and positive things in the face of experiences that are really not of that order at all. I think it is possible to have these experiences in both an integrated and positive context, and a negative one, but to me that’s going further down the rabbit hole of needing to label one thing “good” and another “bad” when perhaps it is enough that things are as they are… even if, or especially if, they are negative and positive.

We humans tend to become attached so the universal forces that destroy and dissolve, necessary as they are, seem to be in opposition to everything we really want… at times we may see that this is just another relative reality, an illusory aspect that is not quite everything that it appears, since nothing that is created can really be destroyed, and nothing that you have experienced is truly lost to you… is really is within you, it truly is a part of you. Forms are by definition impermanent, that cannot be otherwise—but essence is truly eternal and so in the end is all right.

Life is ultimately balanced and wondrous, but the balance is the swinging of a pendulum, and at any given time the pendulum may be traversing through any part of space and time that is less than wondrous… and that is alright too, of course! That is what we are learning to flow with, to accept and be alright with…

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