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To be heard, to be truly seen and to feel appreciated—these are the ultimate gifts of any relationship. As I continue to walk this journey of awakening to my True Self, I’m gathering incredible, yet unexpected, treasures such as these along the way. Yet how many of us walk through life without feeling any of these things? We often look to others to give us these, to fill in gaps within us that we ourselves haven’t taken the time to address.

This experience of being listened to wholeheartedly is truly one of life’s greatest treasures. However, let me clarify that before we go off on a rant that others just aren’t willing to listen and it’s so hard to find this, we must first tend to our own house. Let me explain.

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Being listened to appears to be a rare gift indeed. Yet the reason is not so much that others are unwilling to listen to us as it is that we ourselves have not quieted the demons in our heads that constantly tell us that we are unworthy of such undivided attention or unconditional acceptance. Those voices in our heads are what keep this experience at bay. WE have not granted ourselves permission to be worthy of receiving this precious gift.

Rather than acknowledging that we have not healed our own wounds deep enough to understand that it is our unworthiness that prevents others from being fully present with us, we tend to blame the world and others for their lack of empathy, understanding and presence. Even if others were to grant us this gift, with those voices chastising us, would we even recognize or accept what was being offered to us? Probably not.

So the crux of this gift is that we must first do the internal work. We must first reach the point where we are willing to accept this beautiful experience. Only then will we allow someone else to reflect back to us this gift of being truly seen and heard.

How then is it possible for those of us still feeling unworthy at times to know moments of this? At our core, we are all worthy. Our soul knows this. And we all experience moments in time when we align with this deepest truth of who we are. Sometimes the experience is triggered by a person, a relationship, a moment of beauty—any experience really. And in that moment, we stop resisting the truth of ourselves. We, at least for that moment, know ourselves to be fully worthy, at one with all of creation. If our moment was initiated by a person, we might then allow ourselves to be fully heard. We might allow ourselves to accept this gift of unconditional presence. In the end though, we must first ALLOW it, however that comes about.

When we can do this inner work of accepting ourselves, of aligning with this ever present deeper truth of who we are, it is then that we consistently invite into our lives the kind of people and relationships who offer this incredible gift to us. THIS is what drives me forward to continue facing my own inner demons, quieting those disparaging voices to allow the real truth of who I am to shine forth. For in doing so, I allow myself the immeasurable and priceless gifts of connecting deeply with others—for no other reason than it feels incredible to do so!

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