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I was instantly inspired upon seeing this quote by the Chilean Nobel laureate, because it sparked in me a realization that is personal but I think also shared by many others: something is happening now in our lives, in our world, in our culture. Our human civilizations appear to be waking up and I think there is a sort of spiritual revolution happening upon our planet, though of course it manifests differently according to each person.

I say person because the quote makes it clear, there is also the natural world unfolding, ever evolving around us, and whether you believe global warming is real and it has a human factor—perhaps not ultimately causative but definitely contributive—one thing is certain: nature will adapt, it will change to cope with the changing circumstances, but humanity may find it harder to go along with that change gracefully… we have historically been resistant to change, and though in our contemporary civilization the pace of change has quickened to the point where it is acknowledged as an ever-present reality, it has been begrudgingly accepted nonetheless.

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It is also in the nature of the human egoic mind to resist change… the ego seeks to hold onto what it knows, limited and restrictive though it may be, simply because it doesn’t really know much better than to use this mechanism to cope with its perceived “existential anxiety” and fear of loss. Part of what the quote sparked in me was a realization that, if you take certain sets of conditions and apply them to a situation, you are very likely to experience certain results: the fact that in our digitally wired, ever-connected modern society there appears to be a sort of collective recoiling, as we see more and more uncomfortable signs of our collective ego disease, is evidence of increasing awareness in my opinion—and to me the signs are very encouraging. It seems inevitable… the more we know about each other and ourselves, the more we see the signs of what’s obviously wrong, not because of some intrinsic or extrinsic value system but simply because of what we say versus what happens. We claim to want to live in peace but we promote division, we focus on our differences and we treat those as intractable… we claim to want to live in prosperity but have created a collective culture of materialism, of hoarding, of fear around basic survival and of merciless competition. It’s no wonder that now we are concerned over the fact that we allowed a tiny percentage of us to control a disproportionate share of our wealth and resources.

So yes, this spring that arrives inexorably after winter can also be something like the “Arab spring” that we saw years ago in the Middle East, a movement that may have been ephemeral like spring flowers, but that also had a definite if perhaps subtle impact. There are collective struggles that we all face, all over the planet, and in many instances they are very similar from place to place and across cultures. More information can lead to more awareness, if not necessarily more wisdom, and it also makes it harder to miss the more obvious connections between things, the gross consequences of our actions.

I think this could be one of the main reasons why a spiritual awakening could be happening on this planet now, in a very real though perhaps still subtle way: there have never been so many human beings alive on the planet at one time, at least so far as we are aware in our recorded history. Never before have there been so many human beings and never before have they been so connected to one another—I don’t necessarily mean to imply that this connection automatically means there is a spiritually transcendent experience taking place; in many cases our digital and social-media oriented society are highlighting the isolation, the superficiality, the alienation that many feel and can’t seem to break out of—in spite of the camera phones and Instagrams of the world, or perhaps because of them in some indirect way. I think we do yearn for a more intimate, real experience of ourselves as we relate to each other; I think we seek to find ourselves in each other in as authentic and profound a way as we can manage… in many cases this longing is very subtle, unspoken, subconscious, but it is there and its effects are tangible.

In the end, all these things point to greater awareness in my opinion… again, not necessarily implying that from this automatically follows that there is wisdom and integrated knowledge. Still, the expanding awareness can be likened to spring showers that will surely bring flowers after them, and not even the cruel scythes of human egoic thought will ever be able to cut them all down.

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