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I think I primarily seized upon this quote when I saw it because it had the words “prayer” and “spiritual” in it—words that in my opinion are related, but that unfortunately have become already tainted with certain meanings that do not lead to things which are life-enhancing and unconditionally loving. At least this is primarily the case with the word prayer, because of the religious connotations.

I do not personally see religions as inherently bad, but I must admit I am somewhat conflicted on the matter; there are those who argue that religions have been responsible for a lot of division, strife and outright violence and hate throughout history and I can’t deny their claims. Still, a religion is ultimately an organized belief system and, no matter our personal religious beliefs or those of our society, no one can really force us to think one way or another. We operate given our model of reality, and for this religions also share a degree of blame: the idea of a bearded man in the sky who judges humanity is most definitely not one that makes sense to me. I am perhaps being guilty of leaning on this gross caricaturization in order to make a point; on the other hand, once again, religious belief can really be almost anything and certainly religious beliefs have been used to justify many insane and dangerous acts.

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Religious belief is simply organized belief, and my friend Brandon likes to use the phrase “disorganized spirituality” as a counterpart or an opposite of religion—but I really have no problem with one or the other, so long as the essence of the belief system is one of love. At the heart of all major religious teachings seem to lie the same core beliefs: love is king, it is the ultimate reality, and it is what we came here to demonstrate to each other and to experience together… actually, that may be more my own version of the ultimate belief system, haha. Of course, the word “prayer” implies communication or communion with a Deity, and once again, your own belief system probably imagines this God or Goddess differently than I do, but does it really matter if that’s so? It seems the whole point is to have a billion, trillion, infinite points of view on the Deity and the whole… once again, the underlying intent and the essence of the experience are what matter to me most, not so much a specific form that might be expected or a particular path that was traveled to get to that place. My favorite version of this is given by Neale Donald Walsch in his Conversations with God series: if you are going to pray, don’t supplicate—appreciate. This understands your relationship to the Deity correctly: if you are asking for something or praying for deliverance, you are making a statement of lack or approaching the matter negatively. If your prayer is one of gratitude, you are stating that you believe your wish has already been granted, as God promised would be so.

If prayer can really be anything we say it is, can it not be meditation, the practice of yoga, a walk along the shore, a passionate kiss? Can prayer not be a moment of pause, of reverence, of simple appreciation for the awesome beauty of life? Conscious communion with the Divine is what perhaps the most basic definition of prayer would be, and that is what you came here to define, to create and to experience.

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