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I was inspired to choose this quote as my springboard to write a blog and address a question we received via email on the site. The question was about dealing with negativity, especially when emotions flare up, thinking becomes charged and polarized and confusion mounts.

It can be difficult to stay centered at times, especially as we continue down this path of individual and collective evolution… I realize that there are a few things that contribute to all this, circumstances being what they are, and part of what I am hinting at and implying here entails the flushing out and clearing out of old, dysfunctional paradigms and patterns that have been with our human family for a long time. Many people are “waking up” every day to the fact that we have gotten a lot of things “wrong” about life… I really believe that there are ultimately no hard and fast rules or commandments about what we typically think of as “right and wrong,” only things that accomplish one thing or another, and so we are walking up to the fact that many of our choices do not lead to greater harmony, happiness and peace.

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If our intent in life is to gain advantages, take what we can get, etc. because we see ourselves as being in competition with others, competing for a limited supply of resources—and this can apply to people as well; we curry and solicit the favor of some individuals while we figure out how to get what we can from others, and even yet how we can get away from those who have nothing to give us nor anything we want to give them… there are certainly lots of people out there operating from one or all of these different modes of awareness. Every day, however, I think more and more people feel the urge of their heart, the pull from spirit to try and live a life that’s more authentic, honest and deeply felt—more and more we are craving something real. More and more, the same old tired schemes are failing… certainly deception and manipulation are failing; they appear to be turning very quickly on those who would use these means for their own selfish ends.

I hope that I have been able to remind you: we all operate according to our model of the world… we all perceive through our own unique filters, and we do what we think we must do to accomplish our aims. It is best, therefore, to turn this insight into understanding what it is that we want and need, not what those next to us or halfway around the globe want… to be sure, I am not advocating an “ostrich approach;” I don’t think sticking our heads in the sand is the best course of action… but we must strike a balance here like in many other areas of life. Being overly concerned with what others want and need, and not knowing how to integrate our own aims and goals with those of others, is not helpful to anyone either… to a certain extent we must focus on ourselves with selectivity, sometimes to the exclusion of others, but what I think we never want to be is oblivious of others—just lovingly centered on ourselves. I think this might also facilitate seeing others as reflections of ourselves, as other parts of ourselves with their own perspectives and desires.

Another thing that we want to try and do is to subtract our mental energy, our attention, from that which does not harmonize with our own well-being… since the very process of thinking can become highly charged, polarized and reactive, the only way to do is to do what has been referred to as “getting out of your own head,” among other things. There are many things that can help accomplish this; for example, on today’s podcast episode I discussed the latest research on how hiking in nature reduces “rumination” or obsessive and negative thoughts. Meditation, hiking, yoga, and other practices that promote discipline, that instill harmony and are life-enhancing, like sports, dance and physical exercise; painting, sculpture, singing or playing a musical instrument—these are some of the tools at our disposal to help us reconnect with our own wholeness.

And so I would like to remind you to always do your best—which you already are doing, in a very real sense! It’s just that you can always become more aware and fine-tune your life… express more refined desires over time; attained more, experience more, be more… your “best” knows no limits. If you can get in tune with the energy of Source, with well-being outside of negative mental patterns; with the simple joy of being alive, with that which brings pleasure or is life-enhancing… if this is all true for you, you are already doing great. Just know that this is Who You Really Are, and move more fully into it.

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