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Consistently maintaining an elevated vibration should be the aim of anyone seeking to evolve and attain their ultimate potential. To help our listeners achieve that aim, every Wednesday the “Original Positive Head”, Brandon Beachum, interviews a different consciousness change-maker that is helping to pave the way for humanity’s collective transition into a state of expanded consciousness.

On the other weekdays, Brandon (Mondays and Fridays) and Dr. Erica Middlemiss (Tuesdays and Thursdays) take turns hosting solo episodes as they feature clips from various philosophers and teachers, take questions from listeners, and dig into a plethora of mind-expansive topics to help broaden your perspective and keep your soul fed on a regular basis. It’s a daily conscious effort and it takes a tribe to help us all keep a Positive Head, so we’re here to help you keep your consciousness elevated five days a week!

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223: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Brandon and Dalien invite their audience to connect with them and be featured on the podcast, and they lean on a famous quote and an audio clip to comment on contrasting ideas of simplicity and complexity, especially how the latter can clutter our lives and how simple pleasures are the essence of happiness.

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222: The power of language and symbols is real magic

Brandon quotes a passage from famed author Alan Moore and plays a Wayne Dyer clip to expand on the idea that language and art have the actual power and role of magic in our culture, starting with basic vocalizations that are encoded with divine meaning.

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221: Doing your best is acting out of love

Brandon and Dalien answer a listener’s question related to singing and comment on ideas of success and passion, expectations and agendas. Dalien also reports on research that suggests telepathy is real.

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220: Feel your way to everything you want in life

In this episode Brandon and Dalien discuss the Law of Attraction, based on an Abraham-Hicks workshop clip where a participant gives her perspective and elicits further insights from Abraham on how to “get in the Vortex” and attract what we want into our experience.

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219: Interview with Mindful Geek author and meditation coach Michael Taft

Michael is a bestselling author and meditation/mindfulness teacher with extensive training and a great passion for the subject. In this interview he explains his view that models of reality are merely maps not to be confused with the real thing, and how recognizing our shared humanity can enhance our lives and the lives around us as well.

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216: Accept that lights sometimes cast large shadows

Brandon plays an Alan Watts clip and ponders on a quote by Carl Jung, all based on the latter’s ideas about the “shadow self,” the part of us that needs healing most. Also Dalien reports on accounts of individuals who have lived fairly normal lives with large portions of their brains missing.

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215: Don’t just rehash your past, rewrite your story

Brandon shares a parable about two monks and uses it to explore the idea that we can simply do our best in any moment, without being bogged down by past mistakes. Dalien also shares a report of an experimental stem cell therapy that could potentially cure MS.

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214: Interview with Toltec wisdom author don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Miguel is an author and speaker who distills into plain language the ancient spiritual wisdom from the Toltec civilization of Mexico, in the tradition of his famous father, author of The Four Agreements don Miguel Ruiz. In this interview he relates stories from his life journey and discusses topics such as “domestication” and the dreamlike aspects of our reality.

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