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Consistently maintaining an elevated vibration should be the aim of anyone seeking to evolve and attain their ultimate potential. To help our listeners achieve that aim, every Wednesday the “Original Positive Head”, Brandon Beachum, interviews a different consciousness change-maker that is helping to pave the way for humanity’s collective transition into a state of expanded consciousness.

On the other weekdays, Brandon (Mondays and Fridays) and Dr. Erica Middlemiss (Tuesdays and Thursdays) take turns hosting solo episodes as they feature clips from various philosophers and teachers, take questions from listeners, and dig into a plethora of mind-expansive topics to help broaden your perspective and keep your soul fed on a regular basis. It’s a daily conscious effort and it takes a tribe to help us all keep a Positive Head, so we’re here to help you keep your consciousness elevated five days a week!

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38: The Journey is the Goal

Brandon and Dalien discuss the concept that the journey is the goal, share a rampage of appreciation from Abraham-Hicks and discuss how, within a couple of decades, 3D printing technology could be printing entire cities in a day.

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37: Stop hurrying and manage your vibration

Brandon and Dalien discuss how impatience and hurrying is worrying in disguise, a personal realization that Brandon has regarding the manifestation of a “negative” life event, and news pertaining to new cosmic energies that are affecting the planet.

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35: Is there really a heaven and hell?

Brandon and Dalien discuss a listener’s question about heaven and hell, what the spiritual teacher Osho thought about finding answers to the ultimate truths, as well as 10,000 year old paintings that were recently discovered in India that purportedly depict extra-terrestrial beings.

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34: The importance of embodying spirituality with Steve Kiesling, Editor-in-Chief of Spirituality & Health Magazine

Steve Kiesling is Editor-in-Chief of Spirituality & Health Magazine (, a best-selling author and former Olympic rower. In this episode, Steve discusses growing up with the famous spoon bender Uri Geller bending spoons in his living room, the phenomenon of remote viewing, the importance of embodying spirituality and balancing it with an unbiased and scientific viewpoint.

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33: Daily – Brandon and Dalien

Brandon and Dalien discuss choosing vs. achieving success, making medicine your food, the importance of ingesting positive information daily, and a bizarre story from 1954 of a traveler with a passport from an unknown country who vanished without a trace.

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32: Daily – Brandon and Dalien

Brandon and Dalien discuss dissolving the ego, reports of superhuman abilities, a new study which shows that Ayahuasca rewires the human brain, as well as techniques on how to fully process emotions and avoid wallowing in negativity.

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