1124: (p)Head Posse Episode Eighty-Five: Chan Castaño

Published by Libsyn
Jan 31, 2020

Chan Castaño is a visual, vocal, and creative healing artist. She has a BA in Psychological & Brain Sciences from Boston University, is a reiki practitioner, and a certified life purpose coach. Chan practices as a Creative Living & Life Purpose Coach—working alongside others to create and heal. Chan helps her clients navigate & gain value from ancestral wounds, indulge in more of their creative passions, & identify their values and purpose so they can incorporate both into how they show up daily. Chan hosts in-person spiritually transformative experiences in the Boston Massachusetts area. Following her passions and inspirations has led her to a wild life full of interesting things including lots of solo-backpacking, volunteering on a suicide hotline, reading tarot for hundreds of strangers & friends alike, and most recently starting a podcast. Chan’s podcast is titled WiseBodyMind and is a creative space to engage in thoughtful conversations with guests, solo episodes, and creative meditations to celebrate, explore, and heal our Wise Body & Wise Mind. 





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