1061: (p)Head Posse Episode Eighty-One: Ashley Miers

Published by Libsyn
Nov 1, 2019

Ashley Miers is an actress, a singer-songwriter, a Kundalini yoga instructor, a speaker, and a health and nutrition coach.  She has appeared in national commercials for 76, Chuck E Cheese, and Reddi Wip among other brands, released 2 original albums and several EPs, and licensed songs to ABC Family and Abercrombie and Fitch stores.  She has also spoken and performed on the UCLA campus and twice at the Mental Health America conference about her experience overcoming cutting and extreme suicidal depression. Drawing on her education in Neuroscience, Ashley was able to become medication free over the course of her healing journey and now helps other women learn to love themselves and their lives through her online group coaching program Transcend the Turbulence.  Ashley lives in Los Angeles with her husband John, her 1-year-old son Isaac, and their two cats Indy and Tiger Lily.

Email “Positive Head” in the subject line to ashley@ashleymiershealth.com for a free coaching call + 11% discount for those who decide to work with Ashley..


Website: www.AshleyMiers.com 


Music: https://soundcloud.com/ashley-miers


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