691: Pal-wow with wellness expert and pioneer David Sandoval

Published by Libsyn
May 22, 2018

David Sandoval is a whole-foods nutrition advocate, best-selling author of The Green Foods Bible, and the innovative pioneer behind Purium, the rapidly rising collective of health-conscious souls whose mission is to end human suffering on the planet. In this episode, Dave shares fascinating insights he has garnered over thirty years in the health industry, such as how and why the world’s food production has been hijacked over the last one hundred years, as well as his revolutionary yet simple plan to help anyone course-correct their relationship with food to help create more health and wellness in their life. Brandon goes on to explain why Positive Head has chosen to become a brand partner with Purium, and then extends an offer for all the listeners to join him and David in a Transformative Cleanse beginning on June 4th (Go to positivehead.com/purium to get more information about the cleanse. Use code POSITIVEHEAD for up to 25% off any products at ishoppurium.com)