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Positive Head Bracelet—$17.77 Name Your Price!

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Consciously create more positive energy in your life by wearing the Positive Head Bracelet as a reminder to focus on the positive aspects of your daily life. Its classic design makes it perfect to wear alone, or to layer with other jewelry. This unisex, slide-on bracelet is hypoallergenic, made out of recycled tires and features the Positive Head symbol cast into a recycled metal bead.

A Penny For Your Thoughts…

The bracelet suggested retail price is $17.77, however, we are allowing you to “Name Your Price” (minimum our cost of $2.97) for a limited time.

One of the main reasons we are allowing you to “Name Your Price” is because we want to give you the opportunity to create the feeling of abundance within yourself with this purchase. We know that abundance is a vibrational frequency that you can tune yourself to, just like the vibration of scarcity that so many people are caught up in. But whenever you choose to give more than is required of you in this life, you are consciously choosing to vibrate with the frequency of abundance. And since reality always mirrors back the vibrations we put out, you will be attracting more abundance into your life by doing so! This is why the famous saying, “you get what you give” is such a powerful universal truth.

So as you consciously choose to act abundantly when you “Name Your Price”, sit back and take a moment to notice how good you feel inside. That's the wonderful vibration of abundance that you have drummed up within yourself. Now start consciously practicing abundance in all aspects of your daily life and watch how many more wonderful things you start attracting into it!

Spread The Positivity!

Help us spread the positivity by gifting a bracelet to a friend and we will allow you to add additional bracelets to your order without paying any additional shipping.

*If you want to order more than one bracelet, just select the total quantity for each particular size and click “Add to Cart”. Then on the next screen click “Continue Shopping” to come back to this page and add any additional sizes.1


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