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617: Pal-Wow with “Adult Chair Podcast” host and therapist Michelle Chalfant

Michelle Chalfant is a holistic therapist, author, fellow truth-seeker and host of the “Adult Chair Podcast”. In this episode she talks about her concept of the “adult chair” as opposed to other chairs we sit on at different stages of our lives, and she touches upon other valuable insights of hers like the true nature of anxiety and depression, among others.

616: Separation consciousness begets most of our problems in life

Brandon and Chris Jackson answer a listener’s question about pride versus humility and they chat about “separation consciousness” as well as learning to recognize one’s own potential and fulfilling it, which false modesty can potentially prevent.

615: Open heart chakras let love flow in and out

Brandon talks about love and relationships, referencing a recent disappointment with an ex-partner as well as his recent streak of loving, heart-chakra-aligned experiences and how he brought this to bear on his recent encounter.

614: “P-Head Posse” Episode One with Alexa and Alex

Alexa has been a contributor to Positive Head for over a year, and in this new ongoing series she talks to listeners who have been positively impacted by the podcast and share their stories in the hopes that even more listeners can relate and find community. This week she talks to Alex, who went from troubled youth to starting a new life as a yoga teacher.

613: Interview with HugNation and Pink Heart “masterheart” John “Halcyon” Styn

John “Halcyon” Styn is a pink-haired, pink-heart and pink-frequency-resonant, thoroughly entertaining and unique individual who aims to help others reach their happiness potential in life. In his first proper interview with Brandon, hear him talk about his background, his history with HugNation & Burning Man, and his very effective, honest ways of putting spirituality into practice.

612: Polarities and good vs. “live” with Christopher David Jackson (pt 2)

Continuing their conversational answer from the last daily episode, Brandon and Chris talk about the main complementary or opposing polarities of the universe, material consciousness and etheric ideals, and how they can integrate to produce ever-grander expressions of creativity, or devolve into fragmented and limiting belief systems.

611: Polarities and good vs. “live” with Christopher David Jackson (pt 1)

Brandon invites back Chris Jackson of Grateful Generation onto the show, and together they address a heartfelt personal message/question sent in by a listener. Chris expounded at length and his answer was split into two parts; in this first half he offers fascinating insights into etymology, universal archetypes and a holistic way to look at male-female polarities.

610: “Oneness”, Chapter 20—become your own independent frame of reference

Due to upcoming changes to the show format, Brandon once again reads a chapter from “Oneness” and comments on it, this time sharing Chapter 20 which talks about how this reality is not as consensual as we all imagine, and how we must all become our own individual and independent frames of reference, in order to consciously create our own reality and orchestrate the way the world responds to us.

609: “Oneness”, chapter 37—conflict resolution without compromise

Brandon reads from the book “Oneness” or as he calls it, the “handbook for ascension”—an older volume of channeled material that still bears great relevance today. The theme of this week’s chapter is the examination of the underlying reasons for interpersonal and global conflict, and how to achieve resolution without compromise—a message that may seem counter-intuitive to many.


608: Make peace with your sad loneliness and transmute it into blissful solitude

Brandon replies to a message from a listener who characterized themselves as “broken hearted” and, in a loose continuation of the last daily episode’s theme, delves into the nature of loneliness and solitude and reminds us that there is great spiritual power within the latter. He also shares an insightful clip on this from the incomparable Eckhart Tolle.