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771: The dance of life is like a winding river

Brandon welcomes his friend Koko Kercher to accompany him on this episode and they read a question that Koko had sent over a year before, then put the answer into context based on what she experienced during the interim and how she grew and expanded her perspective with relationship to money, her child’s father and her own mother.

770: Awaken, and live the dream

The theme of the episode is the dream-like nature of reality, and Brandon exhorts the audience to get playful with this fact, dream big, have confidence and probe deeper into this manifold truth to create the life of our dreams.

769: (P)Head Posse Episode Thirty-Two—Leah Liebler

Leah Liebler is an artist, mystic, Reiki Master, moon-circle facilitator and forest therapy guide who creates metaphysical tools and adornments through channeled inspiration. It is her soul’s mission to help individuals tap into the healing power of nature and help repair the relationship between humanity and the natural world that sustains us.

768: Interpreting subtle vibrations and appreciating our uniqueness

Brandon is inspired by sychronistic events like a post on the Facebook (P)Heads group from former podcast guest and empath Sydney Campos (#677) and others, to discuss subtle vibrations and the uniqueness of each human being. He also mentions taking up questions from listeners and potentially making them into another on-air coaching session like the one conducted recently with Chris Jackson (#746).

767: Pal-Wow with Physicist and Mystery Schools Teacher Theresa Bullard

Physicist and author Theresa Bullard is a scientist who delved into the mystical dimensions of life, and her Mystery Schools training provided the natural balance to her analytical mind. She gives a fascinating glimpse into these ancient wisdom traditions related to Kabbalah and Gnosticism among others, and the “activation” process she developed based on this perennial philosophy.


766: You will never look into a pair of eyes that God doesn’t love

Today’s episode is loosely inspired by the last episode’s theme of Labor Day and how we are cogs in a much greater machine, not needing to strees about and control everything like we often imagine. It is also inspired by experiences at the just-concluded Burning Man 2018 shared by a couple of (P)Heads, including an artist’s experience with “skeezy” characters.

765: We are all standing on the shoulders of giants

Brandon comments on this year’s Labor Day holiday in the US and celebrates the achievements of our working forefathers and ancestors, whose shoulders we all stand on today. He also waxes appreciative for the wonderful opportunities that this existence offers us, which are often called work.


764: (P)Head Posse Episode Thirty-One—Cali Blake

Cali Blake is a modern witch-goddess descended from a lineage of mystical women who strives to use her gifts to help raise the collective vibration and offer guidance; she is also fairly active on the private Facebook (P)Heads podcast listeners’ group.


763: Stewart Wilde’s Miracles with Erica Middlemiss

Erica takes the mic and takes the opportunity to read from the book Miracles by Stewart Wilde, which obviously talks about miracles but from a 21st-century perspective, detaching the word from outdated religious connotations and connecting it to a new intuitive, empowered, boundless way of thinking.


762: Pal-Wow with Subtle Energy Reader Phil Good

Intuitive healer and reader Phil Good has a gift for translating subtle energies and engrossing concepts about parallel realities, the dream state and imagination, time travel, twin flames and other esoteric subjects, into practical and simple ways to live a happier life here and now.