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606: We are after rich emotional experiences, not a safe painless ride

Brandon answers a couple of questions sent in to him, which synchronistically have to do with crossing over and facing mortality at different stages of life. He infuses his positive take rooted in ancient wisdom that teaches us to embrace all experiences and look for their hidden gifts, and he shares an Abraham-Hicks clip with a powerful perspective from this non-physical entity.

605: Tapping to become more of our authentic true selves this New Year

Brandon welcomes Sonya Sophia back on the show, and she conducts an Emotional Freedom Technique, or “tapping” session, to help especially those audience members who may be struggling with expressing or becoming their true selves in the face of judgment and opposition.

604: “Oneness” chapter 35

Brandon reads Chapter 35 of the book “Oneness” as he has been doing each week on Friday. This week’s chapter discusses dealing with the radical global changes of our times without fear, and awakening to the realization that this is not the same world we were born into.

603: You are a pure stream of consciousness, not every little droplet-thought

Brandon talks about random, chaotic or disordered thoughts that we may all have within the larger spectrum of consciousness, from everyday little obsessions and compulsions to their more pathological manifestations, and he offers the typically-empowering viewpoint that we are the space for consciousness itself, rather than every little thought that arises therein. He also shares a clip from the wonderful Eckhart Tolle that references this dimension of human life.

602: Don’t define success so narrowly, for you only limit yourself

Brandon answers a question about a common experience among working adults, wanting to move from less-than-ideal jobs and career conditions to those that are more fulfilling and rewarding, and he touches upon the most challenging aspects of the work and career path that are tied to spirituality, such as dealing with failure, expectations and the power of our creative thought. He also shares a great Eckhart Tolle clip that answers this question as well.

601: Interview with author and conscious producer Giselle Koy

Giselle is an author, podcaster, intuitive counselor and founder of the forthcoming 2nd annual Conscious Media Festival that will be held in Austin, TX on March 2-4. In this episode, Giselle talks about the exciting things that are unfolding in conscious media that will be explored at the festival, delves into a discussion regarding the different cosmic rays that are currently interacting with our planet, and how we are all ultimately all conscious creators if we choose to be.

600: Brandon and Roniit talk about shared interests and projects

Brandon introduces his friend Roniit to the Positive Head audience; she was a listener herself whose life was changed by the podcast and reached out to Brandon to have her question answered. They talk about shared interests and experiences including transformational festivals, potential projects, artistic endeavors, personal insights and synchronicities spurred by the podcast.

599: “Oneness”, Chapter 7: individual responsibility and global consciousness

Brandon reads from the book “Oneness” by Rasha, this time drawing from Chapter Seven which talks about the power of intention, the roles individuals play in the creation of world conflict, as well as an energetic prescription for world peace, which includes taking responsibility for the impact of any action upon the whole system.

598: You have asked for it, now learn to allow it to come

Brandon answers a listener’s question about switching jobs, with an underlying general theme of fear of change, and he offers his perspective on the matter which includes releasing resistance and energetically moving into the space of what we desire, something that many of us find more challenging than the “traditional” path of worldly feats and deeds. He also shares an Abraham-Hicks clip with a great viewpoint on all this.

597: Interview with contemporary witch Sarah Wu

Sarah is a contemporary witch, herbalist, permaculture activist and co-founder of the incredible transformational event Envision Festival. In this episode, hear how Sarah learned to open up to and connect with the plant kingdom, about life living off the grid on a farm in Costa Rica, and what it means to “come out of the broom closet” as a contemporary witch in today’s modern world.