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732: Pal-Wow with artist and intuitive healer Steph Valerie

Artist, writer, intuitive and healer Steph Valerie attracted Brandon’s attention with her Instagram content, specifically a bit about “conscious uncoupling”. In this episode he picks her brains about this and all manner of other fascinating subjects like the personal ordeal that served as her initiation, her merkaba and astral-projection experiences and her own tips for honing psychic and visionary abilities.

731: “Oneness”, Chapter 25—The Miracle Children of Tomorrow

Brandon reads Chapter 25 of Oneness which is all about the newer generations incarnating and maturing on our planet now, helping to usher in a new way of life while also being challenged and challenging the adults around them due to the nature of this global shift.

730: More Magical-Money Monday Musings on abundance and well-being

Sometimes we just need simple yet effective reminders of what we already know, and in this episode Brandon answers listener questions on open relationships, self-esteem and financial abundance, and he unsurprisingly seeks to align in his answers with the spirit of wealth on all levels, due to his understanding of the ultimate nature of reality.

729: P-Head Posse Episode Twenty-Four—Shae Leighland-Pence

Shae Leighland-Pence is a writer, artist and explorer of life who is also an active member of the Facebook group. In this episode they talk about how Shae offered her insights to Alexa in the first place, Shae’s concept of what she calls “parallel processing”, and her takes on oft-discussed popular topics like money.

728: Don’t let your ego-box hide your heart-light

Brandon gives Christopher Jackson the chance to take the reins and he drives the discussion towards a very interesting contrast of our ego-selves and the open, larger, heart-centered part of ourselves that is the source of so much goodness and abundance in life.

727: Pal-Wow with Magic Carpet Life Designer Tiffany Josephs

Tiffany Josephs is a passionate podcaster and mentor who helps people to bring more joy and wonder into peoples lives. In this episode, Tiffany shares details about her unique and multi-faceted journey which included working in the ministry, as well as a stint in the corporate world, and how she ultimately learned how to prioritize magic and fun to transform her own life and to help those around her do the same.

726: Another twist in the Demiurge story and the Allegory of the Cave

Brandon relates another chapter in his “demiurge” story that he has told as it unfolds over a few daily episodes, and he also talks about the classic philosophical allegory and thought experiment referenced in the title, a parable about knowledge and ignorance, conditioning and enlightenment.

725: “Oneness”, Chapter 5—Releasing lifetimes of cellular memories

Brandon narrates Chapter 5 of “Oneness” by Rasha, a powerful read of our collective human experience in these times which accounts for many aspects, from the dynamics of daily interpersonal interactions to the release of energetic patterns at varied levels of reality.

724: P-Head Posse Episode Twenty-Three—Jonathan Osorio

Jonathan Osorio is a music producer and DJ seeking to spread love and positivity in his life. In this episode he tells Alexa how he learned what role diet played in his own path towards greater health, his take on recent hot topics discussed on the show like money and spirituality, and how he found his way to the podcast.

723: Raised vibrations and synchronicities with Erica

Erica takes the mic to talk about raising our vibrations to resonate with our higher selves & the synchronicities that naturally come along with this process. She also touches on other aspects like dealing with the inner darkness during our ascent to the light, and how it is all a continuum where every part is integrated into a larger whole.