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649: “P-Head Posse” Episode Eight with Alexa and Emily

Emily Stroia is a spiritual teacher, author and founder of the online school Intuitive Soul Academy to help people tap into their intuitive gifts and heal past trauma. In this episode she tells Alexa her story, how she found her way to the podcast and she passes on some of what she has learned and gained, from this community and elsewhere.

Links to contact Emily:

“Into the Light” Poetry Book:

648: “Oneness”, Chapter 37—lasting peace in conflict resolution

Brandon reads Chapter 37 of “Oneness” which talks about conflict resolution without compromise and highlights the need to dig deep and be authentic when searching for lasting peace. This chapter was actually read before (#609) but it we decided to publish it again anyway, so that its message may find its way to whoever needs it most, as it seems to be especially relevant in these times.

647: Pal-Wow with radical self-healing advocate Alicia Diaz

Alicia Lynn Diaz is the founder of the Enlightened Body System, a radical self-healing program that helps people purge past trauma and attain self-realization. She talks about the six stages of disease progression, her understanding and interpretation of Aryuvedic medicine principles, epigenetics, the biology of belief and other fascinating facts and perspectives about the human body.

646: Many of us learned the “Be-Do-Have” paradigm backwards

Brandon and Chris Jackson have another freewheeling conversation, talking about everything from the most subjective aspects of the self to ongoing shifts in our societies and civilizations, all tied together by a loose thread of “solar” associations and at one point discussing the “Be-Do-Have” paradigm that most people understand backwards (as “Have-Do-Be”) from the way it was intended.

645: On medications, chronic illness and well-being

Brandon reads reviews and addresses listener questions, in particular one about how certain medications could interfere with one’s spiritual development, and shares a great Abraham-Hicks clip that talks about the underlying, energetic causes for any ailments and illnesses that may afflict us.

644: “P-Head Posse” Episode Seven with Alexa and Ross

Ross Cessna is a self-described “techno-shamanic gutter poet” who struggled with mental illness at one point in his past, but it would be difficult especially for members of the Facebook group to tell this, as Ross often writes there and elsewhere online with a clear and insightful voice. To follow Ross and contact him about shared interests such as podcasts and Tarot card reading:

643: “Oneness”, Chapter 24—the purpose of our journey into duality

Brandon reads Chapter 24 of “Oneness” by Rasha which expounds on our human journey into this plane of gross duality and contrast, and how it is precisely adversity and contrast that serve as catalysts for our spiritual evolution in this physical plane.

642: Pal-Wow with “Holistic Human Optimization” host Ronnie Landis

Ronnie Landis is a martial artist and podcast host with a focus on nutrition, holistic health and positive thinking. In this episode he tells Brandon how he got going on his path and gives his take on a wide variety of topics, from diet and exercise to deeper questions about our culture and civilization, all with the aim of delivering the most empowering message possible to the audience.

641: More Abundance talk with Brandon and Christopher Jackson

Brandon and Chris Jackson continue the discussions on abundance that have taken place in the podcast lately, specifically with Derek Rydall (#627 & #632) and Chris also talks about the upcoming ABunDance Enchantment event that Grateful Generation organizes in the Los Angeles area yearly. Positive Head listeners get an additional incentive to attend this event.

640: It is all there to help us find ourselves and find our way home

Brandon and Charis Melina Brown have a very freewheeling and spontaneous conversation about, among other subjects, intuition and “energetically feeling” into situations and people, and they also answer a question about the nature of déjà vu.